UKIP candidate for Mid Ulster claims comments on ‘30% food price rise’ are ‘scaremongering’

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The UKIP candidate for Mid Ulster has claimed that reported comments by UFU deputy president Ivor Ferguson that a Brexit will result in a 30% increase in food prices are ‘scaremongering.’

Alan Day stated: “Concerning the recent warning from the Ulster Farmers’ Union deputy president, Ivor Ferguson, of a “30% rise in food prices” after a vote to leave the EU. This figure seems to be based on the scare tactic that EU CAP funding would not be replaced by the UK government using the £55 million per day we would no longer be sending to the EU (with much to spare).

“Furthermore the Institute of Economic Affairs has reported that on the basis of the difference between wholesale food prices in Europe and world market prices ‘we are paying 17% more for food in the EU than we would under market conditions.’

“Farmers know the EU is over bureaucratic and they are struggling to make ends meet - this is why at a recent farmers debate in Cookstown 60% of the audience voted in favour of leaving the EU,” he added.