Ulster Wool open day planned

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Sheep farmers wanting to gain a greater understanding of how Ulster Wool grades and sells their wool can attend an Open Day at their depot in Muckamore, Co Antrim later this month.

The Open Day gives producers and shearers the opportunity to participate in a guided tour as well as being talked through all aspects of the depot’s work including wool intake, grading and packing, explains Ulster Wool’s Joint Depot Manager Jayne Harkness-Bones:

“Many farmers aren’t aware of what happens to their wool once it’s been delivered to the depot and the Open Day is an opportunity to gain a real understanding of how the grading and selling process works.

“For some, wool grading is something of a mystery, but hopefully those who attend the Open Day will achieve a better appreciation of why certain wools are more valuable than others.

“Grading wool is an important part of what we do in adding value for the producer.”

The Open Day will take place on Thursday 30th May 2019 at Ulster Wool, 20 Tirgracy Road, Muckamore, Antrim, BT41 4PS from 11am to 3pm.

The event will include a Depot Tour, Wool Presentation & Packing Demonstration, and Identify the Breed Competition.

Information will also be available on prices, shearing training and consumer marketing activity.

Hot food courtesy of McMasters butchers will be served from 12.30pm.

Ulster Wool, based in Antrim, is a joint venture between British Wool and Ulster Wool Growers, an Ulster Farmer’s Cooperative.

It collects, grades, sells and promotes Ulster wool to the international wool textile industry for use in flooring, furnishings and apparel.