Unique Jersey opportunity

Group of five
Group of five

A leading Jersey herd which initially supplied quality milk for Fivemiletown speciality cheese and is now one of the suppliers of the high quality cream that goes into Baileys Irish cream, is being dispersed next week.

Auctioneer, Michael Taaffe commented: “This dispersal sale presents a very rare opportunity to acquire pedigree Jerseys at auction in Northern Ireland.

“The entire milking herd of 82 cows and 17 springing heifers are being offered for sale.

“For dairy producers looking to top up their tanks with high value, high component milk, this dispersal sale provides a great opportunity to acquire large numbers of fresh calved animals.”

The Waterhill herd, which was founded in 2001, by John Fleming and his son, Jonathan, at Aghnagrane, Tempo. is based on an import of specially selected high genetic heifers from Denmark. Since then top quality proven AI sires from Denmark and America have been used with an emphasis on milk quality along with improved yields. These include Allstar, Lexington, DJ Broiler, Iatola, and Q-Impluse. These genetics have been combined with John and Jonathan’s dedicated management programme.

Michael Taaffe goes on to point out that the Waterhill herd is a winter and spring calving herd with almost 50 heifers and cows selling that are fresh calved between September and December. Many cows are selling at note with further cows and heifers due to calve. This will include ten in December, twenty three in January, eight in February and 11 in March.

The herd has concentrated on the commercial production of high component milk and the rolling herd average of 5,271kg Milk at 5.61% Butterfat and 4.09% Protein proves just how well this has been achieved. Milk Tank components have gone up further in recent months with the October and November milk tank samples returning at 6.05% and 6.15% Butterfat, and protein 4.25% and 4.2% respectively. This production along with a low SCC will certainly attract interest.

Michael added: “The Waterhill herd will impress on conformation with very good udders throughout the herd. Cows selling are classified to (EX93) and several beautiful young cows sell scored at (VG88) and have definite show potential.”

This dispersal sale will take place at Dungannon Farmers Mart, 90 Granville Road, Dungannon next Tuesday - 13th December, and will start at 12 noon sharp. The herd has been 30 day export tested.

Catalogues are available on line at www.taaffeauctions.com