Video: Farmer ‘completely shocked’ after birth of triplet heifers

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A Co Armagh farmer has said he is ‘completely shocked’ after one of his Fresian cows gave birth to triplet heifers on Wednesday.

Sam Megarity explained how the five year old cow starting calving in the field late afternoon with the triplet birth finishing at around 11pm that night.

The calves were born on his father Brian’s farm on the Newry Road between Markethill and Armagh.

He said the cow was the third to calf on Wednesday, adding: “We had a single and a set of twins earlier on yesterday (Wednesday). All the cows are artificially inseminated (AI) on the farm.”

This cow which produced the triplets was served with a Brown Swiss (SBR) breed.

Sam added: “We just were completely shocked, as she had calved the first one on her own out in the field at around 4.30pm. It wasn’t until around 11pm that we went out to check her to see if she was alright and that she was not taking any fever or anything that we noticed a foot coming out of her.

“Dad got stuck in to feel two back legs and a front leg so he immediately knew there was more than one. He got one pushed back and got the one coming backwards out and continued to pull number three out.”

Both mother and calves are doing well.