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Adrian and Johnny Beck, the Fencing Contractor for Toppings
Adrian and Johnny Beck, the Fencing Contractor for Toppings

Drumnakilly Supplies Ltd is a farm supplies’ company established for over 10 years providing outstanding value and service to the agriculture sector.

Centrally located in Drumnakilly near Beragh, Co. Tyrone, they service the whole of Ireland. Supplying grant approved fencing, Drumnakilly are also open to trade enquiries.

The Tornado Wire stockists, supply a wide range of stock fence applications in varying roll lengths. Suitable for all livestock, including sheep and cattle, HT8/80/15 is the most widely used specification of high tensile stock fence. Tornado HT Stock Fence strains tighter than mild steel and so requires fewer intermediate posts, making it quicker to erect. It does not stretch with weathering and so does not need to be retightened annually.

Alongside the hinge joint knot net Drumnakilly also carry a range of Torus knot fencing. Torus is a premium fence product, which is manufactured with a high pressure bonded smooth knot and a continuous vertical stay wire. This means that Torus is safer and stronger for use with livestock.

Kenny and Alan Topping, livestock farmers from Northern Ireland said: “We have been using the R8/80/15 combined with top lines of Titan Barb on our farms and we are really pleased. The Torus fence is much stronger than the hinge joint and is ideal for livestock.”

Also available is Tornado Lamb-safe; a net which offers a cost-effective solution for sheep farmers. This is a fence which is specifically designed to combat the problem farmers face of sheep losing their tags when they pull their heads back through the fence. This can add up to a significant unwanted cost, when it happens many times over. Lamb-safe is an alternative high tensile stock fence with 22cm spacing between the vertical stay wires. It is this increased distance which helps prevent sheep getting their heads stuck in the fence, while also still being completely stock-proof for young lambs.

Drumnakilly also carry a range of poultry fence, the most common specification used by poultry farmers being Tornado LHT15/158/8. It is ideal for securely containing poultry whilst providing protection from external predators. A Tornado free range poultry farm fence would usually be erected with approximately 330mm turned out, delivering a finished fence height of 1250mm. It can be used in conjunction with an off-set electric wire for added security.

Tornado is different from other manufacturers due to its background in fencing. Tornado’s Managing Director was himself a fencing contractor 36 years ago, so the needs of the industry and of customers have always been an integral part of the company philosophy. That is why the company was the first in the UK to manufacture high tensile steel fencing – the company recognised that this was, and still is, a key customer requirement.

Get in touch with Drumnakilly Supplies to discuss your fencing requirements on 028 8077 1687 or 07899 967849.