Visit McFarlands at Clogher Valley Show

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Wednesday, July 25, is a date for your diary as Clogher Valley show celebrates their centenary.

Can you imagine 100 years ago landing to the show and viewing a robotic milking system, while the next trade stand was selling a milking stool and a creamery can? Or viewing a five furrow variable width reversible plough along side a single furrow horse drawn plough, and what about a 200 Hp four wheel drive tractor parked along side two Clydesdale.

Farming certainly has evolved over the hundred years but yet the basic constituents of life remain exactly unchanged and unchanging, air, food, water and rest. So the basics of life are the same but yet the way we live are polls apart. Industrialisation and mechanisation has both changed the way we live and the way we work today.

Farmers in Ireland one hundred years ago made hay, grew cereals, milked cows and fattened cattle for beef. Today they still make hay alongside silage, grow cereals, milk cows and fatten beef cattle. Then it was man and nature, today it is man, nature and machinery.

So what machines are to be seen at this year’s Clogher valley show?

Farming Life caught up with one local machinery exhibitor who has been attending the Clogher show for almost twenty years. Fintona based T. McFarland Agri will be showcasing a good range of machines from world leading brands such as Pottinger, Merlo, Fleming, NC, Johnston Bros. Erth, Reck, Shelbourne Reynolds.

One new innovation on display will be the Slanetrac finger bar hedge trimmer, these products are manufactured by Slanetrac in Navan, Co. Meath. The machine that will be on display is sold to a customer of McFarland’s, Mr Barney O’Neill, Pomeroy. The SA-1000 model will be operated by Mr O’Neills Merlo Telehandler.

The SA-1000 Swivel Trim Tractor Front Loader Finger Bar allows you to convert a Front Loader or Telehandler quickly to a Hedge Trimmer. The SA-1000 Swivel Trim Tractor Front Loader Finger Bar Hedge Trimmer is a quick and easy system allowing you to perform neat hedge trimming. This system is connected to the tractor hydraulics so you need a tractor with a suitable hydraulic flow for it to operate properly. Eighty horse power upwards is recommended.

The best way to do this is to bring two hydraulic hoses from the rear of the tractor and connect them to the hedge cutter. The extra auxiliary on the loader can be connected to the hydraulic ram. This allows you to move the hedge cutter from horizontal to vertical. This product has a spring break away which protects the cutting head.

It is very easy to use because you are cutting straight ahead of you and the steering is very responsive to your cut. You can reach good heights with your loader and ensures a neat and even cut.

By the removing of one pin, you can easily swivel the head to the opposite side. This allows you to cut down behind fences and it also allows you to cut into corners. This operation is very difficult with other hedge cutters.

Other new innovations on display the Pottinger Impress round baler that is currently out on demo around Ireland to give prospective customers a feel for the new machine. Here is a list of products supplied by McFarland’s which will be on display: Pottinger Baler, Knife grinder and rake. Merlo 35.7 x2, Johnston Bros. Push off buckrake and trailer, NC sweepers, Moneycarrie safety cage, Reck electric mixer for pig tanks, Fleming slurry pump, 1600 gallon tanker, bale lifters, land rollers, Shelbourne Hedge cutter.

Sales representatives Ben Stokes from Pottinger, Stuart Henry from Merlo and Bryan Hunter from Fleming will be on hand to assist McFarland’s for the one day show.

For more information on any of the products listed please contact McFarland’s at 24 Cavan road, Fintona, Tel.: 02882841273 web: or email