Weanling steers and bulls selling to £925 at Lisnakea Mart

Lisnaskea Mart
Lisnaskea Mart

A seasonal entry of mostly weanlings on offer at Lisnaskea Livestock Sales on Tuesday, July 16 produced a steady demand for all sorts.


Derrylin producer 510kg Charolais to £925. Lisnaskea producer 380kg Charolais to £810.Newtownbutler producer 400kg Limousin to £780, 360kg Limousin to £735, 380kg Limousin to £720 and 350kg Limousin to £700. Newtownbutler producer 400kg Limousin to £755, 450kg Limousin to £750 and 370kg Limousin to £730. Magheraveely producer 340kg Limousin to £750 and 360kg Limousin to £730. Newtownbutler producer 350kg Limousin to £690, and 330kg Limousin to £610. Lisbellaw producer 360kg Aberdeen Angus to £685. Lisnaskea producer 370kg Hereford to £655.

Smaller ones sold from £330 to £400 each.


Derrylin producer 470kg Charolais to £840, 350kg Charolais to £645, 360kg Charolais to £600, 340kg Charolais to £570 and 380kg Charolais to £550. Newtownbutler producer 450kg Limousin to £775. Newtownbutler producer 410kg Limousin to £740 and 390kg Aberdeen Angus to £665. Magheraveely producer 320kg Limousin to £720, 310kg Limousin to £590, and 280kg Limousin to £585. Tempo producer 330kg Limousin to £630 and 310kg Hereford to £500. Lisnaskea producer 370kg Limousin to £620. 300kg Her. to £550, 350kg Belgian Blue to £510 and 280kg Hereford to £420. Derrylin producer 340kg Aberdeen Angus to £565, 320kg Limousin to £520, and 280kg Hereford to £470. Newtownbutler producer 330kg Limousin to £550 and 310kg Limousin to £550.

Smaller ones sold from £400.

More stock required to supply a growing demand.