Weed free land with Drumlish

The Roco weed wiper
The Roco weed wiper

Weeds are a simple but widespread problem for farmers and growers across the country.

Many are therefore upgrading and investing in a weed wiper to help turn land that is effected by weeds around as quickly and economically as possible.

Weed wiping technology has become an effective alternative to boom spraying which at one time was the norm. Weed wipers have been proven to manage weeds and rushes more efficiently than conventional boom sprayers whilst using less chemical with a dramatic reduction in spray drift.

Research carried out by Greenmount CAFRE demonstrated that an area cut and later weed-wiped with glyphosate showed the most effective rush control with minimal water pollution. The percentage of rush cover reduced from 81 per cent to 20 per cent the following year.

There are many weed wipers on the market but for Drumlish Farm Machinery in County Tyrone the RoCo Wiper is the preferred mechanical wiper stocked.

Each unit within the RoCo Weed Wiper consists of a roller wetted by a manually controlled 12V pump. A special made roller material ensures maximum chemical transfer whilst minimising damaging drips. The rotating roller does no physical damage to the plant, so that the herbicide can be transported to the roots. Only when the plant touches the roller, the herbicide is released by the special roller material to the underside of the leaves and stems.

According to sales Manager Gerard Barrett at Drumlish Farm Machinery “the RoCo Wiper is one of best weed wipers on the market with a rolling mechanism that targets weeds aggressively even if the land is uneven.” He continues: “By targeting only the weeds with herbicide, the grass is left untouched and therefore the grass growth rate is not affected.”

The RoCo Wiper is a one man operation wiper and suitable for all types of farmers and growers with many unique features including an easy to remove tank and pump that can also be used as a ‘Spot Sprayer’, while the easy folding draw bar allows for compact storage.

In addition to Weed Wipers Drumlish Farm Machinery also offer the full range of Kuhn’s world class mowers, tenders, rakes and balers. Specialist slurry tankers, dribble bars and reelers by leading brand SlurryKat are also stocked. Similar to SlurryKat, Drumlish Farm Machinery also operate an agricultural contracting business and a working farm ensuring they provide first hand advice backed up by their onsite service department.

To find out more about the latest farming equipment for Summer 2018 call Drumlish Farm Machinery on +44(0)28 8289 8891 or visit their website www.drumlishfarmmachinery.com