Welcome rise in prices at Lisahally

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A welcome rise in prices this week with a promising outlook over the next few weeks. Prices as follows:

FAT LAMBS: M Sayers £88/24kg, £87.50/23kg, John McClelland £87.50/24kg, Robert QUIGLEY £87.50/23KG, E Wylie £87.20/23kg, Patrick McNicholl £87.20/22kg, Jennifer Smyth £86.20/22kg, William Allen £86/24kg, James Neely £85.80/22kg, Norman McFarland £85/22kg, James Donaldson £84.50/21kg, S Cassidy £83.20/21kg, Alexander McDonald £75.20/20kg, Danny Wade £74.80/20kg,

FAT EWES: J Smyth £120, F Smyth £118, C Hannon £96, £92,R Christie £84, Martin Doherty £88, £79,£76,£76, Mervyn Whiteside £72, D Mullan £70, £69, Danny Wade £69, John McGuinness £56,

A steady trade throughout Wednesdays sale. Prices as follows:

BULLOCKS: Alan McMurray £820/450kg, £805/470kg,£725/440kg, £710/410kg, James Proctor £740/500kg,Steven McGuinness £715/380kg, Brain OKane £665/370kg, DC Young £650/350kg, £620/400kg, Raymond Nutt £610/330kg, Alan McMurray £605/440kg, Raymond Nutt £600/270kg, £600/330kg, £590/270kg, £590/300kg, £590/280kg, £560/270kg, £550/290kg, £515/270kg, James Proctor £580/440kg, DC Young £550/320kg, £530/360kg.

HEIFERS: James Proctor £1040/520kg, £900/550kg, £880/490kg, £30/580kg, Agnes Proctor £910/570kg, £840/570kg, S McGuinness £800/490kg, £630/430kg, Eunan Devine £795/320kg, Raymond Nutt £595/310kg, £580/340kg, William Barclay £540/310kg, DC Young £525/310kg