Welcome rise in sheep trade at Gortin

Fat Lambs sell to £84 on Monday. A welcomed rise is the sheep trade this week. Store Lambs made up to £61.80, Fat Ewes £98 and Breeding Hoggets £128.

FAT LAMBS: William Moore £84/31kg,Ken Pinkerton £75/25kg,S & A Conway £73/26kg, Keith McMullan £72.20/26kg, Gerard Brogan £72/26kg, £72/27kg, Ken Pinkerton £71.80/27kg, Albert Breen £71.20/28kg, Stewart Patterson £71/25kg, Gerard Brogan £70.50/24kg, Blackiston Houston Ests £70, Michael McGlade £70/24kg, William Moore £70/25kg, David Scott £68, John Clarke £68.50/24kg,Francis Bradley £67.50/23kg, B Hempton £67.50, Robert Rudledge £67.20Albert Breen £66.50/23kg, Gerard Brogan £66.50/22kg, B Hempton £66.50/24kg, Michael McGlade £65/21kg, Robert Rutledge £65/22kg, William Irvine £64/23kg, William Moore £64/21kg, P Stewart £64/22kg, S McLaughlin £63.80/21kg

STORE LAMBS: Michael McGlade £61.80, Raymond McTeague £60, Peter Keenan £59, S McLaughlin £57, Catherine Conway £56, S McLaughlin £55.00,EMcVeigh

£55, William Irvine £53.50, Michael McGlade £53.50, Peter Keenan £53, S McLaughlin £52, Patrick Toughey £52, Aaron Hempton £51.50, David Scott £51

FAT EWES: C Moore £98, £96, A McNamee £95, £93, Peter McTeague £85, William Logan £82, £81,Malachy Nicholas £73.50, Albert Breen £71, Mark McGurk £70, Vincent Keenan £69, Robert Sproule £64.50, R Christie £60, Aaron Hempton £58, Catherine Conway £55

BREEDING RAMS: Francis Bradley 180GNS, John Clarke£100gns, William Irvine 100gns, R Christie 85gns

Breeding Hoggets: J Pickens £128, £108, £105, £100, £100, £98