West Fermanagh ends the 2014/15 season on a high

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The newly formed West Fermanagh YFC have just finished off their 2014/15 programme with their last meeting held in Springfield Hall on Tuesday 14th April 2015.

West Fermanagh YFC is the newest club within the YFCU organisation. They held their first meeting in September 2014 after a lot of promotion and advertising all summer.

The first meeting was held on Monday 8th September 2014 and a total of 42 young people turned up to Springfield Hall that night. This was a very promising and encouraging start for the club. Since then the club has met every 2nd and 4th Monday in the month.

Club members have enjoyed taking part in various different activities during club meetings.

Activities for the year were kicked off by a talk on YFCU life by outgoing Vice President Janette Sterling. Next was a farm safety talk presented by local farmer Mr Edward Rogers, the club opened its doors to the local farming community for this meeting.

Mr Rogers gave everyone an educational presentation and he was also joined by Trevor Kirke, Road Policing Education Officer, who gave everyone some hard hitting facts about road safety. A drug and alcohol awareness talk was given by Peter Hamill from Breakthru.

On the night members had the opportunity to play football whilst wearing beer goggles - this proved to be much more difficult than everyone initially thought.

Some meetings were also held outside of the hall. This included a visit to a local goat farm. Members were given a tour of the farm by goat farmer Linda Cowan. They got a chance to see how the kids were reared and also got to see around the parlour where the goats are milked.

West Fermanagh YFC enjoyed joining up with their neighbours from Kesh YFC as they teamed up with them for an evenings 10-pin bowling at Brunswick Movie Bowl in Londonderry. A night out to the local TA centre in Enniskillen was also on the programme for West Fermanagh YFC.

Members got the chance to experience life in the army and some older members learnt of the benefits the TA had to offer them if they joined up on a part time basis.

West Fermanagh YFC held their first ever AGM in January where they were joined by the outgoing President Martyn Blair who chaired the meeting. The four main office bearers were elected along with their deputies.

They have since taken up their positions of office and are doing a great job.

Members within West Fermanagh YFC are also starting to get their name recognised within the YFCU organisation as members begin to take part in various YFCU competitions.

The most recent of these was the Dairy stock judging and silage assessment, Tyrone and Fermanagh county heats. The club would like to congratulate the 14 members who took part in this and especially Cathy Armstrong, Katie Clarke, Gareth Crooke and William Carson who all got placed in their different age groups.

Six of the junior girls are now looking forward to taking part in the girls football heats in May.

Preparations are now underway for the club’s first fundraising event. They are holding a car wash, coffee morning and cake sale in Springfield Hall on Saturday 16th May 2015 from 9.30am to 1.00pm. All support would be greatly appreciated.