What a difference a year makes!

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Last year the Adams partnership at Sion Mills in Co.Tyrone, when doing an analysis of their dairy enterprise, decided to make breeding changes to increase efficiency within their 200 cow herd.

One of the changes was to try using Sexcel, the semen produced by ground breaking technology from Genus ABS. The result has been a herd conception rate of 44%, a 21 day pregnancy rate of 24% for the year and a 383 day calving interval - all while still achieving a 54% conception rate with the Sexcel product he used on selected cows throughout the herd.

The herd is managed by David Adams and his son Christopher, “with a lot of input from five year old grandson, Harry!”

Christopher Adams commented: “We selected the cows for the Sexcel semen last year but are now considering using it on all of the cows that we wish to breed replacements from.”

The 200 cow, mainly autumn calving, herd is housed during winter and grazed night and day during the summer months. The average yield is 9000 litres. The herd is already on the Genus GMS system whereby all of the cows have been scored by GMS expert, Ian Watson and the ideal matings for each individual cow selected. Cows which are not breeding replacements are mated with British Blue Fertility Plus semen and the resultant calves are sold in the local mart.

The Adams herd also uses Genus’ Reproductive Management System(RMS) whereby a technician walks the cows every day and inseminates them as necessary.

Richard Walker, Genus ABS explained: “Sexcel uses 21st century technology and is designed to deliver more high value pregnancies to dairy herds worldwide. Genus ABS is celebrating its first year of Sexcel this year. When introduced it was the first time that sexed semen had been made available from a new and differentiated technology.”

He added: “Genus ABS customers had been seeking a stronger line up of sexed genetics for some time and Sexcel brought that solution to the marketplace allowing them to fast forward their genetic progress.”

Sexcel harnesses Genus ABS’ best genetics and is produced through a novel, proprietary technology for sexing bovine semen. This innovative technology does not subject the cells to the high pressures, electric currents and shear forces used to produce the sexed semen historically available to farmers. The result has been a superior product that delivers excellent conception rates. Combining this with the superior sexed genetics, Sexcel has helped customers maximize their profitability in line with their individual economic herd goals.

Farmers who would like more information on Sexcel, GMS or RMS should contact their Genus ABS representative or phone the office on 02838 331451.