What’s the difference in a 13% pregnancy rate and a 21% rate?

Simon Logan, RMS Manager, Genus ABS. Photograph- Columba O'Hare
Simon Logan, RMS Manager, Genus ABS. Photograph- Columba O'Hare

As a dairy farmer would you prefer to be in the average bracket with a 13% pregnancy rate or in the RMS Optimise bracket where the average is 21%? What difference would it make to your enterprise?

Simon Logan, Genus ABS has done the maths! “The difference between a 13% pregnancy rate and a 21% rate in a 120 cow herd is £19,200, due to more milk sales, more calf sales and reduced replacement costs as there are less cows to cull due to poor fertility.”

Simon adds: “Another way to look at the economics is to look at beef calf sales. At the national average pregnancy rate of 13%, herds are barely sustaining themselves, so have a limited number of beef calf sales but plenty of low value Friesian bull calves.”

Simon goes on to look at the implications for a 120 cow herd in Northern Ireland.

He explained: “Over the last 12 years Genus ABS has been able to benchmark the fertility performance of RMS herds.

“These herds consistently out perform the NMR 500 herd analysis, which is the only large data set in the UK, with which to make comparisons. The figures in the table above highlight that the main difference is the serving of more animals.

“RMS consistently provides a great service which will create more pregnancies.”

He continues: “Simple maths mean we need 33 heifers to sustain the herd. Using Sexcel semen to generate these heifers should leave the herd with 70+ beef calves to sell from easy calving British Blues, which will generate the herd in the region of £14,000+.

“These economics coupled with the generation of high genetic merit heifers from the world leading bovine genetics supplied by Genus ABS, makes RMS Optimise the number one choice for the fertility management of your herd.

“Farmers will have many different reasons for choosing RMS Optimise - these will range from labour availability through to genetic gain. Dairy farmers are running a business, this should be the main reason for choosing this service.

“RMS Optimise will improve the fertility performance of the herd and in turn the financial performance of the farm.”

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