What will you take with you when you die?

The Rev David McMillan
The Rev David McMillan

Dr George Truett when he was Pastor of the first Baptist Church in Dallas was invited out to dinner in the home of a very wealthy Texan Rancher.

After dinner the man took Dr Truett up on to the roof of his house to show him the full extent of the property that he owned.

The man pointed in every direction to herds of cattle, fields of grain, mountains covered in beautiful forests and a large area where derricks were pumping oil from the ground.

After identifying all his property he then boasted to Dr Truett and said: “It’s all mine! Twenty-five years ago I came here and I was penniless. But I worked hard and saved and today I own everything as far as your eyes can see in every direction”.

The man then paused and expected to hear some words of praise from the preacher but to his astonishment they did not come. Dr Truett then laid his hand lovingly on the Rancher’s shoulder and pointed up to Heaven and asked, “How much do you own in that direction?” The man dropped his head in shame and said: “I never thought of that”.

There are many in this world just like that Rancher and perhaps you are one of them. The tragedy in your life is that you are completely taken up with what you own here in this world but you give no thought to the next world and you have made no preparation for Eternity.

Let me remind you that when you die you will leave all your property behind you! There is only one thing that you possess that you will take with you when you die and that is your soul. Therefore, the most important thing in life is to make sure that it is well with your soul. I want to urge you to do that today by putting your trust in Jesus Christ alone for Salvation.

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