Why is the Easy Care sheep breed the fastest growing in the UK?

Easy Care ewes make great mothers
Easy Care ewes make great mothers

Many farmers are turning to the Easy Care sheep breed to boost their profits. This unique breed allows farmers to work with nature.

An Easy Care sheep naturally sheds its fleece in the spring, leaving a covering of dense hair and lanolin for weather proofing. This greatly reduces the workload of the farmer and at the same time reduces ewe losses as very few ewes get lodged on their back, there are no dirty backsides and there is seldom any fly strike problems. It is also easier to assess ewe condition and milk production and it is easier for the lambs to find the teats in those vital first minutes of life.

In addition this breed is selected to milk and grow from grass. This is important as it reduces the cost and time required to carry concentrates to both ewes and lambs and also reduces health risks such as foot rot and coccidiosis. Flocks have the potential to scan carrying 190 lambs per 100 ewes to the ram and can rear over 175 lambs per 100 ewes on the farm, without ever needing to be housed.

Lamb losses at birth are kept to a minimum as the ewes have been selected for ease of lambing and the lambs selected for their get up and go. New born lambs want to live and are up and suckling within a few minutes of birth.

With good grassland management lambs will grow at 250g/day or more until weaning and have the ability to finish straight out of the field, off grass, without the need for expensive concentrates. Carcass weights of 20kg are easily achievable at acceptable fat covers and conformation grades. R3 & R4L being perfectly achievable.

Visit the Easy Care stand at the NSA Event in Ballymena on 3rd July to find out more about this unique breed and how it could help you.