Wood Pellet Fines – a cheaper alternative to sawdust!

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For every farmer the health of their cattle is crucial to the success of the business and that is why Miller Bedding takes great care to source some of the highest specification dairy cattle bedding products available.

There are lots of choices out in the market for animal bedding but Miller Bedding have been working hard to source a range of proven animal bedding solutions that suit the needs of the individual dairy farmer.

This year Miller Bedding introduced an alternative bedding product to traditional sawdust - Wood Pellet Fines. Wood Pellet Fines come from the pellets that don’t meet the strict specification of EN Plus A1 Grade for heating appliances. Miller Bedding has now secured a proven source of this material which is Red Tractor and Farm Quality Assured Compliant just like the company’s sawdust.

Miller Bedding’s premium quality wood pellet fines offer excellent absorbency rates which ensure that cattle stay cleaner and drier for longer, with small 3–5mm pellet fragments through the fines which break down when moisture hits them means a longer lasting bed.

Wood Pellet Fines are available in 1.15 tonne tote bags for easy storage and with constant supply available all year round this enables dairy farmers to manage stock levels in an affordable manner. Wood Pellet fines are easy to use and suitable for automated spreaders, scrapers and slurry systems and being over 30% cheaper than sawdust provides an economical bedding choice.

To see for yourself how Wood Pellet Fines are a real alternative to traditional sawdust come and visit Miller Bedding on Stand 229 at The Royal Ulster Winter Fair on Thursday, December 8. And don’t forget to enter the free draw on the day to win a pallet of bedding of your choice.

To understand how Miller Bedding can support dairy farms contact Glen on 028 7133 8383 or Drew 07739 941 699 or email info@millerbedding.co.uk