World Wide Sires is relaunched

The NI team at World Wide Sires
The NI team at World Wide Sires

There was much excitement when the newly formed World Wide Sires (WWS) team gathered at the dairy operation of Robin and George Bingham, to witness the first on farm delivery of WWS product.

The first importation of WWS genetics arrived from the US recently, enabling the re-established WWS team to resume sales of the globally renowned and respected genetic product in Northern Ireland.

The Binghams have been strong supporters of World Wide Sires for a good number of years, using the genetics and services to assist in the development of their Tailormaid Holsteins herd, housed near Nutt’s Corner.

The milking herd is in excess of 600 cows which are fully housed and milked three times a day. The results of American genetics can be seen already in the milking herd, through the influence of sires including Mr Sam, Glen Valley Captain, Design, Colby, Decker, Million, Bogart, Kade and Coach.

The introduction of the WWS mating program WMS (Worldwide Mating Service) in 2011 was another step towards developing a cow to suit their system whilst also identifying genetics to provide an easier managed cow with greater uniformity.

The on farm WWS team at that time were breeding advisor Paul Dunn and WMS evaluator Richard Graham, who explained to Robin and George what a great tool WMS was for assisting them with their breeding decisions.

The strength of the mating program is highlighted by WMS evaluator and Northern Ireland manager Dennis Torrens: “I have used the mating program as a hands on herd manager, as well as in my current role as an WMS evaluator and am in no doubt that this is the world’s largest and most successful mating program, with over 7 million cows across 58 countries mated in the last year.”

The Binghams ideal cow needs to be moderate in size, with strength, good feet and legs, quality udders and trouble free, much of which can be achieved through the use of top genetics and a leading mating program.

Dennis Torrens added: “Whilst providing corrective mating solutions, conformation with herd uniformity, we are also looking after inbreeding and recessives.”

It is with this track record in mind that the Bingham family were keen to see their most recent shipment arrive through the WWS delivery service, provided by Alan Armstrong and Western Farm Enterprises.

The Binghams have recently used many breed leading sires including the proven leaders, Bookem, Shot AL, Magnus, Grafeeti, Shamrock and the Global giant Mogul one of the world’s leading sires of sons.

The World Wide Sires team in Northern Ireland are delighted to be operational again and thank the Bingham family for their continued support and confidence in World Wide Sires.

The team are available to discuss breeding matters, whilst providing products and services to benefit the Northern Ireland dairy farmer.

For more information on World Wide Sires products and services please feel free to contact: Dennis Torrens (area manager and WMS Evaluator)- 07955 999129, Paul Dunn (North Down, South Antrim, North Armagh)- 07837 383040, Richard Charles (Tyrone, Londonderry, Fermanagh)- 07837 349364, William Bolton (North and West Antrim)- 07821 062030, Bryan Graham (Mid and East Antrim)- 07855 663731, Andrew Magowan (South Down, South Armagh)- 07710 525893, Gail Charles (area administration)- 07762 411663.