Wright wins in style at the foothills of the Sperrins

The recent Magherafelt Ploughing Society’s match was held on excellent lands at Kilcronaghan, Tobermore.

As the early morning mist cleared, competitors and spectators initially were impressed by the beauty of their surroundings beside Kilross PrimarySchool overlooking the picturesque Sperrins.

However, their attention was soon drawn to events unfurrowing on the field where equally impressive use of the great ground conditions made for a lot of excellent ploughing.

When the closely contested match was judged the Championship of the Field honours went to a very deserving David Wright.

Judging was undertaken by Messrs S Bowman, William Hood, William King, William Purcell, H Simms and Don Wright.

The full results were as follows:

12” for the Ernest A Caldwell Cup: 1, Samuel Gill; 2, Allen McAnally; 3, Rodney Crawford; 4, Brian O’Neill

Reversible for the F W Henderson Cup: 1, David Wright; 2, Adrian Jamison; 3, Martin Stewart; 4, David Jamison

Vintage class 1 for the Magherafelt Ploughing Society Cup: 1, James Adair; 2, Tom Clyde; 3, Frankie Davision; 4, David Gratten

Vintage class 2 for the Arthur Campbell Cup: 1, Dai Kennedy; 2, Jim Bergin; 3, Sam Loughrey; 4, Ian Trainor

Best back: Samuel Gill

Best hint: Samuel Gill

Best ins and outs: Samuel Gill

Best ploughing by a Co Derry ploughman and WA Lees Memorial Cup – David Wright

Championship of the Field and WR Harrison Cup – David Wright

The society thanks the traders and businesses in the Magherafelt area for their financial and other support, and thank all who helped to organise the event