YFCU president supports Farm Safety Week campaign

YFCU President James Speers promoting Farm Safety Week with David Nicholl, Director at NC Engineering.
YFCU President James Speers promoting Farm Safety Week with David Nicholl, Director at NC Engineering.

Young Farmers’ Clubs of Ulster President, James Speers has given his full backing to the Farm Safety Week campaign that will be kicking off this Monday (July 24th) and explained that the YFCU is fully committed to promoting and highlighting the farm safety message.

“Farm safety is such an important issue and during the campaign we will be encouraging our members to take some time during the week to assess the safety of routine tasks,” explained James.

“The message for Farm Safety Week is that farm safety is a lifestyle not a slogan. Farming continues to have one of the poorest safety records of any occupation in the UK & Ireland but all the main farming organisations in the partner countries are working together for this week to address this.

“The first day of the week will focus on farm safety statistics, before moving on to machinery and transport on Tuesday, July 25th. Falls will be examined on Wednesday, July 26th, while livestock and slurry will take priority on Thursday. The final day of the week will centre around the safety of children on farms.

“The Young Farmers’ Clubs of Ulster understand the importance of delivering the farm safety message and in our organisation we have ten HSENI trained dedicated farm safety mentors who provide farm safety talks to young farmers clubs throughout Northern Ireland as well as other outside organisations such as Girl Guides, the Boys’ Brigade and primary schools. We’re also currently working on filming a catalogue of farm safety videos in which our farm safety mentors share their top farm safety tips.

“We know that we need to engage with farmers of all ages to make farms safer places to work and we’re encouraging all our members and the wider public to get involved in this extremely worthwhile campaign.”

Stephanie Berkeley from the Farm Safety Foundation, the charity behind Farm Safety Week added: “James and the YFCU team have always been committed to farm safety and always support any initiatives we are planning.

“There is a sense that Northern Ireland’s young farmers really understand the concept of professional modern farming and safety is an integral part of this.

“For years, many farmers have thought ‘farm safety last’ rather than ‘farm safety first’ but with the support of the YFCU and the Northern Ireland Farm Safety Partnership this is starting to change. It is wonderful to have such passionate, driven partners in Northern Ireland.

“As the farmers of the future, young people with a solid knowledge of safe working practices will have a greater capability to make informed and safe decisions which stands the industry in greater stead.”