YFCU ready for training day with RAF Reserves

Pictured announcing the new YFCU training and communications partnership representing the RAF Reserves is Squadron Leader Rankin alongside Michael Reid, YFCU CEO.
Pictured announcing the new YFCU training and communications partnership representing the RAF Reserves is Squadron Leader Rankin alongside Michael Reid, YFCU CEO.

The RAF Reserves are the Young Farmers’ Clubs of Ulster first training and communications partner.

The Association is delighted to announce that 502 (Ulster) Squadron, RAuxAF will be hosting their first training day on Saturday 11th April at their base, Aldergrove Flying Station, for all YFCU members over the age of 16.

The training day will consist of two groups with 12 members in each. On arrival at the Royal Auxiliary Air Force base the members will receive an introduction to the RAF Reserves from Squadron Leader Rankin.

Both groups will take part in a Basic Life Saving Skills Workshop where they will first receive a theory session on Scene safety, Unconscious casualty /Cardiac arrest and Trauma from Flt Lt Carolan-Cullion. This will proceed to the practical session, through the use of mannequins used by the RAF Reserves in their training, where they will get involved in the practical side of dealing with haemorrhage control and immobilisation.

The second workshop that the members will partake in is the Mental Health and First Aid Workshop where they will receive an introduction to Mental Health with Sgt Donaldson. This will include personal accounts, a group activity and myth busting; this workshop aims to take away the stereotypes associated with mental health. The second part of this workshop will help to Present, Detect and Treat, Pathways Available, strategies and then a question and answer session.

Once both workshops are completed members will have the opportunity to take part in a Mobile Team Challenge which is aimed at team building and will consist of similar activities undertaken by the RAF Reservists at the 502 (Ulster) Squadron Royal Auxiliary Air Force.

Squadron Leader Rankin, Executive Officer, 502 (Ulster) Sqn said: “The Squadron is very much aware of the challenges facing the farming community across Northern Ireland, as we are proud to have a number of farmers in our ranks.

“The RAF Reserves offers exciting opportunities for a wide range of training and development opportunities and for gaining recognised qualifications, as well as for travel and adventurous training locally and abroad.  Many members of the Squadron have already availed of these opportunities, as well as benefitted financially as everyone earns RAF pay rates for the days they attend.”

Squadron Leader Rankin added: “Within the RAF we are very keen to promote a healthy mind and healthy body approach. The way we go about this is to take a holistic approach to health, (body and mind), fitness and diet. One of the main challenges that can be faced by many Young Farmers is social exclusion and mental stimulation. One of the key elements of keeping the reserves interested is providing a stimulating, relevant and challenging working environment. We hope to achieve these key factors by utilizing all the expertise, facilities and equipment we have at hand.”

A lunch will also be provided by the RAF Reserves and a coffee break. This is an amazing opportunity for YFCU members to see the RAF Aldergrove Flying Station base first hand and to experience workshops such as those undertaken by the RAF Reservists.

There are still spaces available for YFCU members over the age of 16, to ensure you don’t miss out on this practical and informative experience with the RAF Reserves please contact Marley at YFCU Headquarters on: 028 9037 0713 or email: events@yfcu.org