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Spring has arrived and for many farmers the consideration now being contemplated is the spreading of a winters build up of farm yard manure either for ploughing purposes or for general fertilization.

Mechanisation has many options and for many it is just a telephone call to a local hiring company for whatever is available should it be standard chain rotary spreader, a rear discharge spreader or a side discharge multi spreader. It is to this side discharge multi spreader that T McFarland’s would like to draw your attention and consideration to.

The Shelbourne Reynolds name has long been associated with quality products and it is of no surprise that the company has a varied range of muck spreaders to suit both the modern farmer and agricultural contractor. There are six models available at various prices to suit each customer’s needs and the one end result is total customer satisfaction.

Let’s begin at the entry model duo, Powerspread Dairy 1600 and 2000 gallon. Both spreaders have a 540 rpm input on the shear bolt protected PTO. This is reduced down to 13 rpm on the auger and up to 700 rpm on the side mounted up lift rotor.

The design of the contra auger (counter flow) creates a boiling action at the side opening, this boiling action helps to break down the manure prior to coming into contact with up lift rotor. The vertically opening door acts as a shear bar action to the sherated rotor blades passing underneath.

The blades are a reversible bolt on type for easy routine maintenance. The main PTO shaft comes with a wide angle yoke for smooth operation even into the corners of fields. The drive is transmitted through a series of heavy duty sprockets and chains. The wheel size for these machines are 23.1 X 26 tractor style pattern fitted to a braked 8 stud axle. Greasing of the machine is easy to do as the greased nipples are banked and piped to the various bearings using nylon pipes for a long service life with no risk of corrosion.

The next duo in the model line up is the Powerspread Pro (SWB) short wheel base 1800 and 2300 again as the model number suggests an 1800 and 2300 gallon.

These models have the same wheel size as the Dairy range and the same 60 ft cast but also have a reverse drive system should blockages occur and also a drop down rotor frame to provide greater service accessibility to the auger. The loading height for these machines are 8ft 1 inch and 9ft 1 inch respectively.

The final duo are the Powerspread Pro (LWB) long wheel base 2400 and 3200. These machines have the same loading height and reverse drive etc as the (SWB) model, but they also have a 750 rpm rotor providing a 66 foot cast.

These machines are fitted on 650 / 65 R30.5 tyres and have an unladen weight of 5060 kg and 5310 kg respectively. While Shelbourne suggest a minimum of 130 Hp to drive these machines due to their low drag high efficiency, here in Northern Ireland with wet fields and the occasional steep hills, a 170 Hp tractor would be best suited as the 3200 model can carry up to 15 tonnes of solid manure.

T. McFarland agri machinery based in Fintona Co. Tyrone have sold a number of the Dairy models and are very pleased with the machines’ performance and with more machines on order are confident with the future sales of these machines as it fills the gap in the local market.

For more information on all the products sold by McFarland’s just visit their web site or specifically for Shelbourne products McFarland’s can be contacted by phone on 02882841273 and are open for business 8am – 6pm Monday – Friday and Saturday 9am – 3pm.