Young birds to the fore at Ballymena

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For the second week the Ballymena and District HPS had 170 birds penned, this time it was the young birds judged through the wires.

Judges travelled down from Muckamore and the winning birds were penned by W and N Gilbert winning BIS for the local club, while visitor John Edgar had the Red Card in Young Hens.

I have been told Mrs Pankhurst, the wife of the late Ernie, passed away in recent days and what a team they were. Olive worked in the local Post Office and was a very efficient club secretary, and Ernie was an Ace Racer topping Sect B several times. He used to phone me up and give me the local update, funny how some things stick in your mind.

In my early days in the sport we paid a late night visit to Ernie in Riverside, which must have been after we judged a show in Muckamore. I was with my brother, Michael, before he moved to USA, and the late Officer Gorman, who was chairman in Muckamore, and the late Davy Campbell – it must have been Harryville judges.

At the present time my daughter Bronagh lives close to the Pankhurst address and what a view they have at the back looking over the Six Mile River. Bobby Bethel lives at the top of the same street. Mrs Pankhurst had been in failing health and Ernie passed away several years ago, another bit of Antrim history gone.

The raffle was won by Chrissie Donnelly.

Young Cocks T/W (85 birds) – 1st and 4th W and N Gilbert, 2nd D Swann, 3rd C Moore, Reserve and VHC J Edgar, HC T McFall, Commended W and J Smyth. Young Hens T/W (84 birds) – 1st J Edgar, 2nd, HC and Commended W and N Gilbert, 3rd B Herbison, 4th C Moore, Reserve D Swann, VHC W and J Smyth. Thanks to everyone who supported us tonight and our judges.

The remaining Monday dates are – 13th November Yearling Cocks and Yearling Hens T/W, 20th November Old Pairs and Young Pieds T/W, 27th November Young Pairs and Old Pieds T/W, 4th December Red Mealy and Grizzle YB and Red Mealy and Grizzle OB Through Wires, 11th December YB Eye-sign and OB Eye-sign. To qualify for Show Specials a minimum of six birds must be penned. If you require more show infomation contact Willy Gilbert, telephone: 07761 323459.

Cullybackey HPS: The second show last weekend was for the Old Birds, judged through the wires. Young Thomas McFall from Ballymena won Old Cock and took Best in Show, Brian Herbison for the local club has the Red Card in Old Hens. Old Cocks T/W – 1st T McFall, 2nd and Commended J McNaghten and Son, 3rd N and S Anderson, 4th McAlonan Bros, Reserve J and J Greer, VHC Reid Bros and McCloy, HC B Herbison. Old Hens T/W – 1st and Reserve B Herbison, 2nd and 3rd J and J Greer, 4th Reid Bros and McCloy, VHC T McFall, HC M/M M Sempey, Commended D Swann. Judge – Chris Moore, Ahoghill Flying Club. Saturday – Pairs Through Wires.

Broughshane and District HPS Show Series 2017: Tuesday 7th November Old Cocks/ Young Cocks TW Tuesday 14th November Old Hens/Young Hens TW Tuesday 21st November Old Bird Eye Sign + Young Bird Mated Pairs Tuesday 28th November Old Bird Mated Pairs + Fancy Class-Pieds-Reds-Mealys-Grizzles Any Age Tuesday 5th December Old Cocks/Young Cocks Handled Tuesday 12th December Old Hens/Young Hens Handled.

Kells and District: Show series starts on Wednesday 8th November at pm with Old cocks. Then weekly each Wednesday as follows, Old Hens, Young cocks, Young hens, Mated Pairs and finally Eye-sign and Pieds. The Open Show as usual Boxing Day 3 in 1 Show. Kells and District will have their Annual Prize distribution on Friday 20th October in the club rooms at 7pm. More details later.

Ahoghill Flying Club: Show series has been listed for the usual Friday night starting on 10th November with classes for Young Cock and Young Hen Through Wires, and followed by 17th November Old Cock and Old Hen Through Wires, 24th November Young Cock and Young Hen Handled, 1st December Old Cock and Old Hen Handled, 8th December Young Pairs and Fancy, 15th December Old Pairs and Late Breds, 22nd December Eye-sign Old Bird and Young Bird. Penning between 7.00pm and 8.00pm and all fanciers welcome, tea served during judging.

Derek Sales: The passing peacefully at the Donegal Hospice, Knocknamona, Letterkenny, after a short illness. Beloved partner of Linda and much loved father of Darren and Mandy, dearly loved brother of Graham, Heather, Jan, Lynda and Karen, loving grandfather of Joshua. Deeply regretted and sadly missed by his partner, son, daughters, brother, sisters, grandson, extended family circle and friends (we just lost our chairman who will be hard to replace). Declan McNulty, Strabane and District RPS.

Amelia Earhart AGM 2018: Will take place at the club rooms on Wednesday 13th December at 7.00pm. All paperwork will go out in the post tomorrow with formal notification. Any proposals or resignations please submit by dates on your letters Anyone wishing to join AE, a membership applications meeting will immediately follow our AGM once it has closed. Applications welcome.

RPRA awards will be presented as usual at NIPA Ladies Night, hopefully the winners can attend. For tickets to the Ladies Night contact NIPA Secretary Fred Russell, the date is the 10th November in the Templeton Hotel in Templepatrick.

Lurgan Social: 1st K Douglas, 2nd R Higginson, 3rd K Douglas, 4th K Henderson, Res K Douglas, Vhc A Mcconville, Hc E Wright and son, C Keelie Wright. Best Young Bird K Henderson. Best Red M Rice. Many thanks to the judges Messrs Hagan and Rowney (Portadown).

2nd show result - 1st R Higginson, 2nd K Henderson, 3rd K Douglas, 4thM Rice, Reserve A McConville, Vhc. P Toman, Hc. K Henderson, Commended K Henderson. Bob. P Toman Thanks to judge. G McAvoy, (Beechpark Social).

Next week’s classes any age cock or hen special for best young bird and special also for best coloured pigeon.

Drumnavaddy INV HPS Pigeon Show result from November 2:

Any Age cock or hen jtw: 1 G S McMullan, 2. S Hobson and sons, 3. E McAlinden and sons, 4. J Brush, reserve. S Ogle, Vhc.M M N S Close, HC A Neill, commended J Smyth and Sons. Spec best B B S Ogle.

The club would like to thank Rodney Adamson for judging the show. Thanks also to everyone who attended and supported the show.

NI Show Racers 2nd Show was on 4th November 2017 in Ballymoney Clubrooms. Best in show John Edgar, reserve BIS John Edgar, best old bird John Edgar, best young bird John Edgar, best colour John Edgar, best racer D and G McMullan.

Old Cock - 1st John Edgar, 2nd Rouke and Christie, 3rd John Edgar, 4th Rouke and Christie, 5th Rouke and Christie, 6th Rouke and Christie, 7th John Edgar, 8th Rouke and Christie.

Old Hen - 1st John Edgar, 2nd John Edgar, 3rd Rouke and Christie, 4th Rouke and Christie, 5th Rouke and Christie, 6th Rouke and Christie, 7th Rouke and Christie, 8th John Edgar.

Young Cock - 1st John Edgar, 2nd John Edgar, 3rd Tommy McMillen, 4th Rouke and Christie, 5th Curtis Tweed, 6th Tommy McMillen, 7th Rouke and Christie, 8th John Edgar.

Young Hen - 1st Rouke and Christie, 2nd John Edgar, 3rd Tommy McMillen, 4th John Edgar, 5th Rouke and Christie, 6th John Edgar, 7th John Edgar, 8th John Edgar

Colour Cock - 1st John Edgar, 2nd John Edgar, 3rd John Edgar, 4th John Edgar, 5th Rouke and Christie, 6th Rouke and Christie, 7th Rouke and Christie, 8th Curtis Tweed.

Colour Hen - 1st John Edgar, 2nd John Edgar, 3rd John Edgar, 4th John Edgar, 5th Curtis Tweed, 6th Rouke and Christie, 7th John Edgar, 8th John Edgar.

Racer Cock - 1st D and G McMullan, 2nd D and G McMullan, 3rd D and G McMullan, 4th John Edgar, 5th John Edgar, 6th John Edgar, 7th Matt Kelly, 8th D and G McMullan.

Racer Hen - 1st Tommy McMillen , 2nd Tommy McMillen, 3rd John Edgar, 4th D and G McMullan, 5th Tommy McMillen, 6th John Edgar, 7th Curtis Tweed, 8th John Edgar.

The club would like to thank the judges Robert McCook and Christopher McCook for their judging today, see a picture of them holding the BIS and reserve BIS with John Edgar.