Zara and Joey take the honours in 1m class

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Week two of Ecclesville’s Showjumping League saw a steady number of competitors enjoying Raymond Caldwell’s flowing courses.

This Showjumping League will continue for the next three Friday evenings, commencing at 6.15pm sharp with a 40cms class, followed by 60cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm, 1m and 1.10m.

Results from 7 June:

40cm Class - No entries.

60cm Class (Double Clears): Scarlett Knox and Annie; Cara Garrity and Henry; Sarah-Jane Sloane and Lady Lilley; Elizabeth Millar and Coconut.

70cms (Double Clears): Sarah-Jane Sloane and Lady Lilley; Cara Garrity and Henry; Amanda Magee and Rosie; Elizabeth Millar and Coconut; Scarlett Knox and Annie; Elizabeth Millar and Bluey.

80cms (Double Clears): Amanda Magee and Rosie; Molly Quinn and Rosie; Julie Coaltar and May; Melanie Maye and Laddie.

90cms (Double Clears): Molly Quinn and Rosie; Katie Clarke and Blue; Darren Irwin and Penny; Emily Marshall and Poppy.

1m (Double Clear): Zara Keys and Joey.

1.10 - No Double Clears.

Competitors are reminded that the same combination rider/pony must compete in the same class for three out of the four weeks leading up to the final, to be eligible for prizes on June 28.

Anyone requiring any further information on the League or the Super League, is encouraged to contact Ecclesville Centre on 028 8284 0591.