2070 sheep under the hammer at Markethill

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An entry of 2070 sheep at Markethill on Wednesday, 2nd August sold in a slightly firmer trade for fat lambs, stores and cull sheep. Breeding sheep however returned a slower trade.

Heavy lambs sold to £98 each with several pens from £86 to £91.50 each with a total entry of heavy lambs averaging 24.9kilos at £88.50 each. Top rate 373p per kilo for 26.3kilos at £98 each followed by 366p per kilo for 24kilos at £87.80 each.

Good quality middleweight lambs sold to a top of 391p per kilo paid for 22kilos at £86. All good quality pens sold readily from 360p to 386p per kilo.

A large entry of store lambs sold in a very firm trade with light stores selling to 428p per kilo for 13.2kilos @ £56.50 each. Several pens sold steadily from 380p to 425p per kilo. Stronger stores sold to 415p per kilo for 19.3kilos at £80 each. Main demand from 350p to 390p per kilo.

250 cull ewes sold in a steady trade. Fleshed ewes sold from £70 to £94 each. Plainer ewes from £45 to £65 each.

A large entry of breeding hoggets met with a slower demand. Top price of £177 paid for 18 hoggets. Several more pens sold from £150 to £175 each.

Please remember special sale of store lambs on Monday 7th August at 6.45 p.m.

HEAVY LAMBS: Tandragee farmer 26.3k £98 373p. Armagh farmer 24k £87.80 366p. Armagh farmer 24.6k £89.20 363p. Poyntzpass farmer 24.2k £87 359p. Belleeks farmer 24.3k £87 358p. Gilford farmer 24.3k £86 354p. Markethill farmer 24.4k £86 353p. Banbridge farmer 25k £88 352p

MIDDLEWEIGHT LAMBS: Glenanne farmer 22k £86 391p. Armagh farmer 22.9k £89.50 391p. Dungannon farmer 22k £85 386p. Armagh farmer 23k £88 383p. Crossmaglen farmer 22.4k £84.20 376p. Cappagh farmer 22k £82 373p. Armagh farmer 23.5k £87.50 372p. Tandragee farmer 22.5k £83.50 371p.

STORES: Middletown farmer 13.2k £56.50 428p. Drumiller farmer 13.4k £57 425p. Newry farmer 16.3k £69 422p. Battlehill farmer 12.9k £54 419p. Hilltown farmer 11k £46 418p. Scarva farmer 13.7k £57 416p. Warrenpoint farmer 19.3k £80 415p. Armagh farmer 16.2k £65.50 404p. Portadown farmer 15k £60 400p.