300 head of cattle sold at Rathfriland Co-Op

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A great entry of 300 head on Friday, with 86 weanlings clearing up to £1,000 for a 490k Charolais male from Upper Brackney, Kilkeel.

Young Friesian sturks under one year old sold to just short of £2.00 per kilo for a Jerrettspass farmer ie 300k at £580.

A 314k Friesian from Co Armagh sold at £655.

Weanling heifers sold to 250p/k for a 300k Limousin at £750. 50 store heifers were of better quality with a top of £1080 for a 614k Charolais, £1,040 for 516k Limousin.

An exceptional entry of quality bullocks sold to £1,170 for a 600k Limousin from Downpatrick.

A 464k Limousin from Rathfriland sold at £1,025.

Fat cows cleared up to £1,050 for a Limousin from Ballyward with a 618k at £900 from Ballymartin.

The usual entry of 104 dropped calves saw a Clontifleece farmer sell a Simmental heifer at £370. Newry farmer: Limousin heifer at £330.


Clontifleece farmer: Simmental heifers, £370 and £315. Newry farmer: Limousin heifer, £315. Aghaderg farmer: Belgian Blue bull £310. Ballyholland farmer: Angus heifer £290. Carnew farmer: Aberdeen Angus bull £290. Katesbridge farmer: Aberdeen Angus bull £280. Ballinaskeagh farmer: Aberdeen Angus bull £280. Sommerville farms: Belgian Blue beifer, £275 and Aberdeen Angus bull £275. Lisburn farmer: Simmental bulls £280, £275, £270 and Simmental heifer £250. Katesbridge farmer: Aberdeen Angus bull £270 and heifer £235. Turmore farmer: Aberdeen Angus bulls £275, £265, £240 and £230.


Upper Brackney farmer: 496k at £1,000, 390k at £800, 374k at £790, 328k at £750. Crossmaglen farmer: 352k at £770. Castlewellan farmer: 330k at £750, 306k at £745, 320k at £730. Dromara farmer: 478k at £885, 450k at £870. Ballymartin farmer: 300k at £750, 312k at £710. Moyadd farmer: 450k at £830, 378k at £720, 310k at £710. Co Armagh farmer: 294k at £660, 314k at £665, 320k at £600. Donaghcloney farmer: 356k at £730.


Rathfriland farmer: 614k at £1,080. Downpatrick farmer: 556k at £1,040, 534k at £1,015. Dysart farmer: 516k at £1,000, 538k at £995, 476k at £985, 432k at £910, 520k at £900. Annaclone farmer: 400k at £875, 390k at £800 etc.


Suckler cows sold to £1160 for a Hillsborough farmer.

Two springers from a Glenavy farmer sold at £1,110 and £1,100.

Aged cows with calves at foot from £820 to £910.

Fat cows to £1,050 for 850k from Ballyward. Ballymartin farmer: 618k at £900, 660k at £700. Annaclone farmer: 640k at £640. Grazing cows from £500 to £550.


Downpatrick farmer: 602k at £1,170. Backaderry farmer: 596k at £1,150, 542k at £1010, 488k at £1000, 520k at £920. Ballyward farmer: 590k at £1,100. Rathfriland farmer: 580k at £1,080, 464k at £1,025. Moyadd farmer: 496k at £1,010. Ballyward farmer: 458k at £980.

Friesian bullocks: Crossmaglen farmer: 514k at £825. Jerrettspass farmer: 454k at £600, 390k at £590.


There was a larger entry of sheep on Tuesday evening.

The highlight of the sale was the trade for ewes with lambs at foot.

These sold to £225 for one ewe with two lambs and a further lot with three ewes and six lambs at £212 from a Downpatrick farm.

Ewes with singles reached £155 for a Drumarkin farmer.

Hogget prices eased with a top of £97 for 27.8k from Kilkeel.

Over 200 fat ewes and rams sold to £105 for a Ballywillwill farmer.


Castlewellan farmer: 18k at £76. Ballela farmer: 19.2k at £81. Kilcoo farmer: 23k at £92. Cabra farmer: 16.4k at £65. Newry farmer: 22.5k at £88. Ballyroney farmer: 23.6k at £92. Begney farmer: 18k at £70. Attical farmer: 22.5k at £87.50.


Ballywillwill farmer: £105. Annaclone farmer: £95. Kilkeel farmer: £91. Poyntzpass farmer: £89. Corbally farmer: £88. Rathfriland farmer: £84. Annalong farmer: £82. Carginagh farmer: £82. Ballywillwill farmer: £82. Kilkeel farmer: £82.