400 cattle sell to £1,650 at Rathfriland Co-Op

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400 head for the second week in sucession saw a top price of £1,650 for a young Lim bull from Kilkeel.

While the overall quality was not as good as previous weeks, the quality lots sold in an exceptional trade.

182 weanlings sold to £3.00 per kilo for a 224k Lim at £670.

A 248k lot from the same farm sold at £700. A 408k Ch topped the weanlings at £940.

Heavy heifers sold to £1,265 for a 618k Ch from Leapoges.

Other heifers from this farm sold at £1,235, £1,200 and £1,135.

Suckler cows sold to £1,420 with others to £1,360.

A young Lim bull from Kilkeel sold at £1,650.

Fat cows sold to £990 for a 746k lot from Newry.

Bullocks topped at £1,160 for a Lim from Bryansford weighing 556k.

Dropped calves sold to £485 for an Fck bull from Castlewellan with a Hereford heifer from the same farm at £385.

DROPPED CALVES: Castlewellan farmer: £485 and £385. BB bulls £360 and £350 from Creevy. Loughbrickland farmer: Her bulls £355 and £345. Sommerville farmer: AA bull £340. Dromara farmer: Hereford bulls £340 and £330. Saintfield farmer: £320 and £300 for Lim bulls. Cabra farmer: Lim bull £360. Newry farmer: Her bulls £355.

WEANLINGS: Rathfriland farmer: 408k at £940, 406k at £930, 352k at £890, 344k at £815, 316k at £800, 322k at £800, 294k at £790. Dysart farmer: 386k at £875, 352k at £775. Moyadd farmer: 398k at £770, 360k at £720. Kilkeel farmer: 269k at £480 (twice). Banbridge farmer: 224k at £670, 248k at £700, 294k at £690, 290k at £735. A farmer from Rathfriland averaged over 250p/k for six young Angus cattle eg 194k at £530, 188k at £490, 190k at £485, 204k at £500.

HEIFERS: Leapoges farmer: 618k at £1,265, 610k at £1,235, 628k at £1,200 and 576k at £1,135. Loughbrickland farmer: 578k at £1,100, 516k at £1,040 and 490k at £910. Dromara farmer: 462k at £890, 446k at £865 and 434k at £810. Dromore farmer: 430k at £840, 482k at £875. Rathfriland farmer: 378k at £760.

FAT & SUCKLER COWS & BULLS: A young Lim bull from Kilkeel sold at £1,650. Suckler stock sold to £1,420.

Fat cows reached £990 for 746k from Newry. Dromara farmer: 668k at £870. Moyadd farmer: 616k at £750. Corbally farmer: 614k at £730.

Friesian cows sold to £730 for 614k and from £655 up.

BULLOCKS: Bryansford farmer: 556k at £1,160, 494k at £1,035. Newcastle farmer: 504k at £1,150, 532k at £1,100, 444k at £955, 390k at £950, 406k at £945. Newry farmer: 512k at £1,065. Ballinaskeagh farmer: 448k at £890, 428k at £870, 490k at £850 and 416k at £765. Dromore farmer: 494k at £1,035, 398k at £845. Loughbrickland farmer: 532k at £1,135, 662k at £1,100, 522k at £1,050.

Friesian bullocks to £900 and around 150 pence per kilo.

A good trade for spring lambs on Tuesday evening saw a top of £99 paid for 25k from Kilkeel. 23.5k from Downpatrick at £98.50, 22.2k from Newry at £98, 23k from Kilkeel at £98, 23k from Kilcoo at £97.50. 22.8k from Barnmeen at £97.50, 21k from Ballyroney at £97, 21.7k from Newcastle at £96.50.

FAT EWES: There were no outstanding fat ewes in the entry of 136.

Top price of £86 was paid to a farmer from Shin, £85 from Ballela, £80 from Downpatrick, Rathfriland, Ballykinlar, Ardarragh and Markethill farmers.