Almost 800 cattle on offer at Enniskillen Mart

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Almost 800 cattle on offer this week at Thursday’s sale at Enniskillen Mart.

Lightweights sold from 210 to 260 for a Charolais 3508kg at £930, mediumweights sold from 200 to 257 for a Charolais 408kg at £1,050.

Heavy weights sold from 190 to 238 for an Aberdeen Angus 572kg at £1,360 and sold up to £1.455 per head.

BULLOCKS: Tempo producer Charolais 358kg at £930, Charolais 400kg at £985, Charolais 416kg at £1,020, Florencecourt producer Charolais 408kg at £1,050, Charolais 476kg at £1,135, Limousin 408kg at £1,030, Charolais 436kg at £1,085, Charolais 594kg at £1,345, Blaney producer Aberdeen Angus 572kg at £1,360, Derrylin producer Aberdeen Angus 532kg at £1,265, Newtownbutler Charolais 552kg at £1,240.

WEANLINGS: In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £700 to £1,065 paid for a 397kg Charolais, while heifers ranged from £550 to £860 for a 353kg Limousin.

Ruling prices: Kesh producer 425kg Aberdeen Angus steer at £925, 348kg Charolais steer at £845, 251kg Charolais heifer at £590, Tempo producer 459kg Charolais bull at £1,000, 328kg Aberdeen Angus bull at £710, 219kg Limousin heifer at £460, Kinawley producer 233kg Charolais bull at £670, 242kg Charolais bull at £645, 263kg Charolais bull at £760, Fivemiletown producer 266kg Limousin bull at £690, 293kg Limousin bull at £730, Derrygonnelly producer 346kg Limousin heifer at £805, 293kg Limousin heifer at £700, 235kg Limousin bull at £705, 332k Limousin heifer at £670, Garrison producer 329kg Charolais heifer at £730, 322kg Charolais heiefr £685, 266kg Charolais heifer at £530, 363kg Limousin heifer at £830, Derrylin producer 310kg Charolais steer at £800, 420kg Simmental steer at £800, 338kg Charolais heifer at £840, 354kg Limiusin heifer at £760, 341kg Charolais heifer at £800, Ennsikillen producer 297 Simmental heifer at £740, 275kg Saler heifer at £670, 299kg Charolais heifer at £645, 404kg Limousin steer at £850, 314kg Charolais bull at £785, Irvinestown producer 359kg Charolais heifer at £790, 360kg Charolais heifer at £740, 310kg Limousin steer at £820, Dromore producer 307kg Charolais heifer at £750, 398kg Charolais heifer at £820, 322kg Charolais bull at £830, 321kg Charolais bull at £815, Castlederg producer 433kg Charolais bull at £970, 317kg Charolais heifer at £770, 322kg Limousin steer at £795.

CALVES 2 MONTHS: Enniskillen producer Charolais heifer at £645, Charolais bull at £585, Charolais bull at £570, Charolais heifer at £555, Charolais bull at £600, Charolais heifer at £585.

CALVES: Florencecourt producer Charolais heifer at £345, Knockraven producer Aberdeen Angus bull at £340, Boho producer Sht heifer at £335, Aberdeen Angus heifer at £335, Newtownbutler producer Simmental heifer at £300, Kinawley producer Montbeliarde heifer at £290, Limousin bull at £290, Kesh producer Aberdeen Angus bull at £290, Drumcose producer Limousin bull at £290, Friesian bull at £150, Enniskillen producer Friesian bull at £120, Friesian bull at £100.

SUCKLER COWS: Derrygonnelly poroducer Charolais cow with bull at £1,740, Simmental cow with bull at £1,300, Lisbellaw producer Limousin cow with bull at £1,670, Portadown producer Shorthorn cow with bull at £1,500, Charolais cow with bull at £1,455, Boho producer Charolais cow with bull at £1,380, Omagh producer Limousin cow with heifer at £1,300, Lisnaskea producer springing Simmental heifer at £1,380, springing Limousin heifer at £1,300.

Heifers: Light weights sold from 210 to 253ppk for a Charolais 370kg at £935, medium weights sold fro 205 to 234ppk for a Limousin heifer 450kg at £1,055. Heavy lots sold from 195 to 216ppk for a Charolais 565kg at £1,220, Newtownbutler producer Charolais 370kg at £935, Charolais heifer 410kg at £925, Lisnaskea producer Charolais 370kg at £865, Charolais heifer 365kg at £805, Garrison producer Limousin 450kg at £1,055, Tempo producer Limousin heifer at 445kg at 955, Derrylin producer Charolais heifer 525kg at £1,125, Maguiresbridge producer Charolais heifer 565kg at £1,200, Charolais heifer 610kg at £1,295.

Fat cows: Another large entry of fat cows which sold at 1.97 for a kg for a 576kg Limousin at £1,135 and a top rice of at £1,270.

Enniskillen producer 576kg Limousin cow at £1,135, 706kg Simmental cow at £1,140, Lisnaskea producer 624kg Limousin cow at £1,135, 550kg Aberdeen Angus cow at £885, Brookeborough producer 668kg Charolais cow at £935, 654kg Limousin cow at £930, 690kg at £1,015, Trillick producer 706kg Simmental cow at £1,140, 690kg Friesian cow at £740, 668kg Limousin cow at £950, Letterbreen producer 702kg Belgian Blue cow at £955, 68kg Simmental cow at £880, Derrylin producer 566kg Limousin cow at £860, Clogher producer 506kg Limousin cow at £710, 442kg Bgs at £650, 520kg Dw cow at £850, Belleek 612kg Simmental cow at £1,100, 484kg Limousin cow at £880, 708kg Simmental cow at £1,155.