Another tremendous entry of cattle at Enniskillen

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Another tremendous entry of Fermanagh and Tyrone cattle on offer at Thursday’s sale.

Lightweights sold from 210 to 280 for a Ch 350kg at £980, mediumweights sold from 200 to 257 for a Ch 400kg at £1,030, heavy weights sold from 190 to 225 for a Ch 530kg at £1,195 and sold up to £1,435 per head.

BULLOCKS: Kesh producer Ch 350kg at 980, Ch 350kg at £930, Ch 308kg at 800, Ch 372kg at £950, Lim 678kg at 1,435, Ch 668kg at £1,390, LIM 650kg at £1350, Ch 602kg at £1,300, Lisburn producer Ch 400kg at £1,030, Lisnaskea producer Ch 420kg at £1,070, Ederney producer Ch 412kg at £950, Ballinamallard producer Lim 378kg at £945, Maguiresbridge producer Lim 644kg at £1,330, Irvinestown Ch 604kg at £1,300.

WEANLINGS: In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £670 to £1,055 paid for a 440kg Ch while heifers ranged from £520 to £945 for a 388kg Ch.

Ruling prices: Brookeborough producer 34kg Ch bull at £885, 279kg Ch bull at £700, 263kg Ch bull at £735, Tempo producer 267kg Ch heifer at £735, 378kg Ch heifer at £850, 347kg Ch steer at £890, 251kg Ch steer at £630, Kesh producer 340kg Ch heifer at £740, 284kg Ch heifer at £740, 278kg Ch heifer at £650, 308kg Ch heifer at £740, 293kg Ch bull at £865, Irvinestown producer 316kg LIM hfr @740, 338kg LIM bull @770, 334kg LIM hfr @760, 316kg Lim heifer at £750, Derrylin producer 235kg Lim at £735, 406kg Ch steer at £890, 382kg Ch steer at £905, 287kg Lim steer at £875, Belcoo producer 250kg Lim heifer at £585, 226kg Lim heifer at £585, 226kg Lim heifer at £630, 311kg Ch heifer at £735, 299kg Ch heifer at £800, 373kg Lim steer at £990, Garrison producer 340k Lim heifer at £790, 409kg Lim bull at £950, 338kg Lim bull at £870, 258kg Ch heifer at £720, 280kg Ch steer at £830, 333kg Ch heifer at £855, 294kg Ch steer at £875, 352kg Ch steer at £900, 340kg Ch steer at £960, 361kg Ch steer at £960, 316kg Ch steer at £925, Enniskillen producer 323kg Ch heifer at £770, 299kg Ch heifer at £820, 317kg Ch heifer at £765, 330kg Ch heifer at £795, 362kg Lim heifer at 835, Lisnaskea producer 342kg Lim steer at £785, 252kg Lim heifer at £600, 332kg Sim steer at £830, 281kg Lim heifer at £680.

CALVES 2 MONTHS: Tempo producer Ch bull at £515, Monea producer Lim bull at £490, Lisnaskea producer Lim bull at £430, Kesh producer Ch bull at £400.

CALVES: Tempo producer BB bull at £350, BB heifer at £270, Irvinestown producer Lim bull at £320, Omagh producer BB bull at £300, BB heifer at £270, Lisbellaw producer AA bull at £295, Letterbreen producer Lim heifer at £280, Lim heifer at £270, Drumcose producer Sth bull at £28, Florencecourt producer Lim bull at 275, Sim bull at £275, Churchhill producer Friesian bull at £50.

SUCKLER COWS: Fivemiletown producer Ch cow with heifer at £1,480, Omagh producer Lim cow with heifer at £1,400, Trillick producer Ch cow with bull at £1,390, Irvinestown producer Ch cow with heifer at £1,330, Derrygonnelly producer Shb cow with heifer at £1,330, Springfield producer Ch cow with heifer at £1,230, Lisnaskea producer springing Lim heifer at £1,450, springing Lim heifer at £1,390, springing Lim heifer at £1,300, springing Lim at £1,240, springing Lim heifer at £1,200

Heifers: Beef lots sold to 227pk paid for a 540kg Ch at £1,225. Medium weights from 190-228ppk paid for a 500kg Ch at £1,140. Light weights from 193-231ppk for a 390kg Ch at £900. Lisnaskea, producer Ch 590kg at £1,270, Ch 580kg at £1,265, Ch 590kg at £1,240, Ch 560kg at £1,210, Ch 550kg at £1,200, FMT producer Ch 540kg at £1,295, Ch 500kg at £1,125, Ch 500kg at £1,100, Belcoo producer Ch 550kg at £1,195, Ch 580kg at £1,140.

Fat cows: In the cow ring cow hfrs sold up to 192p for a Charolais 538kg at £1,035. Heavy well fleshed lots sold up to 156p for a Charolais 900kg at £141. Feeding cows sold up to 145p for a blonde 572kg at £830. Dairy cows sold up to 122p for 558kg at £685. Fat bulls sold up to 173p for an Angus 732kg at £1,270.

Belleek producer Ch 538kg at £1,035, Letterbreen producer Lim 560kg at £1,045, Kesh producer Lim 570kg at £990, Derrygonnelly producer Lim 468kg at £865, Letterbreen producer Ch 900kg at £1,410, Letterbreen producer Ch 870kg at £1,350, Lisbellaw producer Ch 612kg at £930, Culkey producer Ch 704kg at £1,070, Belleek producer Ch 610kg at 920.