Armoy Mart: Fat hoggets sell to £126 and fat ewes to £110

Armoy Mart
Armoy Mart

Another excellent turnout of 728 head of sheep at last Wednesday Night’s sale met with a great trade.

Fat hoggets sold to £126, fat ewes to £110 and breeding sheep to £168.

Feeding lambs were a fantastic trade with 19kgs selling to £89.50 and pet lambs sold to £24.00.


Alex Hughes, 27kgs, £126. S Bartlett, Armoy, 27kgs, £124. Ronan McAteer, Limavady, 26kgs, £118. A E Devlin, Limavady, 26kgs, £121. L Millen, Coleraine, 28kgs, £120. J and M Byrne, Antrim, 28kgs, £120. S and A Elliott, Dunloy, 30kgs, £120. Vincent McCloskey, Loughguile, 28kgs, £118. Frank McKenna, Ballymoney, 24kgs, £116.50. Alex Williamson, Maghera, 25kgs, £118. Seamus Mulvenna, Cairncastle, 26kgs Blackface, £116. Paul McClafferty, Cloughmills, 22kgs Blackface, £107. Ronan McAteer, Limavady, 34kgs, £116. M Jordan, Antrim, 23kgs, £110. John McFerran, Dunloy, 26kgs, £113. John McLaughlin, Bushmills, 25kgs, £104. Paddy Kelly, Ballycastle, 22kgs, £100. Jas McBride, 27kgs, £110. Danny McKinley, Ballyvoy, 23kgs, £100. Sandra Henderson, Bushmills, 26kgs, £111. Gareth Neilly, Limavady, 23kgs, £102. Don Holland, Articlave, 20kgs, £102. Alex Wiliamson, Maghera, 25kgs Blackface, £110.


J and M Byrne, Antrim, 21 Texel, 21kgs, £90.00. Sam Hanna, 18 Texel, 17kgs, £82.50. Barbara Kerr, Armoy, 22, 21kgs, £94.00. G Millen, Coleraine, 10, 22kgs, £93.50. S Bartlett, Ballymoney, 14, 19kgs Blackfae, £89.50. S Mulvenna, Cairncastle, 4, 20kgs Blackface, £77.00.


S Mullan, Limavady, Suffolks, £110. Edwin Irwin, Coleraine, Texels £100. R M Milliken, Armoy, Texels £103. Trevor Hanna, Ballymoney, Texels £103. R M Milliken, Armoy, Suffolks, £91.00. Alex Hughes, £100. D Holland, cross bred £99.


Ed Jamison, Coleraine, (full mouth ewes with twins), £168, £164, £162, £152. J McAllister, Bushmills, (in-lamb hoggets), 6, £105, 6, £102, 5, £100.

Sale every Wednesday at 6.30pm.

Auctioneers: Daniel McAlister and Son.