Armoy Mart: Steers sell to £1,225

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A smaller show of 210 head last Monday at Armoy Mart met with a very sharp trade.

Steers sold to £1,225 for a 590kgs Charolais, heifers sold to £1,165 for 560kgs.

Fat cows sold to a top of £1,300 for 980kgs and dropped calves sold to £275.

STEERS: John Hamilton, Broughshane, Char, 590kgs, £1,225, 500kgs, £1,130. A and O Smyth, Mosside, A/A, 670kgs, £1,360, 600kgs, £1,170. Colm McErlain, Armoy, Char, 410kgs, £1,000. W and J Gardiner, Clough, 560kgs, £1,165, 540kgs, £1,095. John Hamilton, Broughshane, Lim, 500kgs, £1,090, 550kgs, £1,180. M Steele, Glenarm, Char, 330kgs, £805, 420kgs, £890. H Magill, Carnlough, A/A, 400kgs, £850, 370kgs, £795, 300kgs, £650. A and O Smyth, Mosside, Sim, 600kgs, £1,215, 600kgs, £1,120, 580kgs, £1,120. G McIlroy Ballycastle, Char, 400kgs, £810, 400kgs, £850. Ian Stewart, Bushmills, B/B, 430kgs, £870. J and J McAlister, Cushendall, Lim, 370kgs, £850, 300kgs, £730, 340kgs, £810, 250kgs, £865. W and J Gardner, Clough, A/A, 500kgs, £985. S Johnston, Bushmills, Char, 400kgs, £960. Peter McCurdy, Rathlin, Lim, 300kgs, £700, 300kgs, £735. Patrick McNeill, Cushendun, Lim, 350kgs, £770. Ian Duncan, Rathlin Island, A/A, 280kgs, £670, 290kgs, £655, 260kgs, £600. Jas E Gaston, Ballymena, Friesians, 550kgs, £830, 50kgs, £830. John Woodside, Ballycastle, Friesians, 550kgs, £1,080. Sam McAllister, Bushmills, Friesian, 600kgs, £1,015, 650kgs, £1,035, 630kgs, £1,035.

HEIFERS: Jennifer McCurdy, Bushmills, Lim, 520kgs, £1,065, 540kgs, £1,100, 580kgs, £1,155, 500kgs, £1,065. G McIlroy, Ballycastle, Char, 340kgs, £805, 415kgs, £850. Ed Donnelly, Ballintoy, Char, 380kgs, £935. A and S Elliott, Dunloy, Char, 560kgs, £1,165, 530kgs, £1,115. J and D Colgan, Ballycastle, Lim, 380kgs, £850. Colm McErlain, Armoy, A/A, 440kgs, £900, 430kgs, £915. Armour Kennedy, Cullybackey, Lim, 300kgs, £655. W and J Gardiner, Clough, A/A, 560kgs, £1,090, 480kgs, £930. J and J McAlister, Cushendall, Lim, 300kgs, £700, 310kgs, £650. M Steele, Glenarm, Lim, 320kgs, £700, 360kgs, £730, 340kgs, £740, 360kgs, £770. Ed Donnelly, Ballintoy, Char, 310kgs, £705, 370kgs, £840. A and S Elliott, Dunloy, Lim, 460kgs, £990.

FAT BULLS/COWS: Hugh McLean, Coleraine, Lim Bull, 980kgs, £1,300. Michael Mullan, Glenariffe, B/B cow, 650kgs, £900, 650kgs, £1,050. Chris Pollock, Armoy, Lim, 540kgs, £730. Alan McClements, Ballymoney, B/B, 690kgs, £890, 530kgs, £865. I Duncan, Rathlin, A/A, 610kgs, £990. W J Bartlett, Armoy, A/A, 640kgs, £865. Aidan McKillop, Loughguile, B/B, 600kgs, £735.

Sale every Monday night at 7pm sharp.

Auctioneers: Daniel McAlister and Son.