Armoy Mart: Steers sell to a top of £1,320

Armoy Mart
Armoy Mart

A seasonal show of 138 head last Monday Night met with an excellent trade for all sorts of cattle.

Steers sold to a top of £1,320, heifers sold to £1,210 and fat cows topped at £970 for 670kgs.


Ballymoney producer, Limousin, 650kgs, £1,320. Desmond Kelly, Ballycastle, Limousin, 560kgs, £1,105, 530kgs, £1,070, 700kgs, £1,300. Peter McCurdy, Rathlin Island, Limousin, 300kgs, £635, 250kgs, £565, 270kgs, £585. Mervyn Harper, Macosquin, Aberdeen Angus, 330kgs, £720. Noel Cartin, Limavady, Limousin, 440kgs, £905. Colin Moody, Bushmills, Aberdeen Angus, 380kgs, £825. Arthur Devlin, Ballycastle, Charolais, 400kgs, £905, 420kgs, £940, 400kgs, £860, 440kgs, £890, 400kgs, £900, 370kgs, £870. Martin Frew, Rasharkin, Limousin, 380kgs, £565. Jas McNeill, Ballyvoy, Aberdeen Angus, 460kgs, £885. Colin Cochrane, Bushmills, Limousin, 500kgs, £980, Fleckvieh, 670kgs, £1,055, 530kgs, £900, 600kgs, £930. J McAuley, Bushmills, Aberdeen Angus, 400kgs, £810, 440kgs, £790. Jas McNeill, Ballycastle, Aberdeen Angus, 460kgs, £875, 480kgs, £875. Sam Glass, Ballycastle, Friesian, 530kgs, £920, 700kgs, £1,055.


S Chestnutt, Bushmills, Limousin, 560kgs, £1,210. Damien McLoughlin, Dunloy, Hereford, 470kgs, £950, 470kgs, £890, 460kgs, £870, 430kgs, £760. Stephen Cochrane, Bushmills, Aberdeen Angus, 470kgs, £845. Geo McAuley, Bushmills, Limousin, 360kgs, £650, 320kgs, £570, 300kgs, £645. C and R Gillan, Bushmills, Aberdeen Angus, 570kgs, £965, 570kgs, £940. Noel Cartin, Limavady, Limousin, 410kgs, £880. P McCurdy, Rathlin, Limousin, 280kgs, £550.


H and S Duffin, Martinstown, 700kgs, £930, 670kgs, £970. W Sharkey, Cushendun, Belgian Blue, 660kgs, £800, 620kgs, £630. Jas Chestnutt, Bushmills, Friesian, 700kgs, £700, 600kgs, £630. Armoy producer, Simmental, 710kgs, £770, 690kgs, £875

Sale every Monday night at 6.30pm.

Auctioneers: Daniel McAlister and Son.