Beef bullocks sell to £1,655 per head at Enniskillen Mart

Enniskillen Mart
Enniskillen Mart

A keen demand for all 974 cattle at Thursdays sales.

In the bullock ring Lightweights sold from 220-302 for a Charolais at 424kg at £1,170.

Heavy lots from 190 to 237ppk for a Limousin 518kg at £1,230.

Beef bullocks from 190-209ppk for a Charolais 756kg at £1,585 and up to at £1,655 per head for a 840kg Charolais.


Rosslea producer Charolais 390kg at £1,180, Charolais 460kg at £1,205, Limousin 400kg at £1,050, Charolais 416kg at £1,080, Charolais 514kg at £1,250, Derrylin producer Limousin 396kg at £1,120, Charolais 384kg at £1,070, Macken producer Charolais 398kg at £1,095, Newry producer Charolais 424kg at £1,170, Ballinamallard producer Charolais 410kg at £1,065, Trillick producer Limousin 518kg at £1,230, Brookeborough producer Charolais 528kg at £1,240, Derrylester producer Limousin 526kg at £1,230, Magheraveely producer Charolais 524kg at £1,225.


In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £700 to £1,100 paid for a 385kg Charolais while heifers ranged from £600 to £875 for a 351kg Charolais.

Ruling prices

Kesh producer 24kg Charolais steer at £730, 232kg Charolais heifer at £640, 253kg Charolis heifer at £605, 219kg Charolais heifer at £590, Belleek producer 262kg Charolais bull at £800, 246kg Charolais heifer at £615, 296kg Charolais heifer at £750, 327kg Charolais heifer at £785, 253kg Charolais bull at £700, 410kg Charolais bull at £940, Garrison producer 267kg Charolais bull at £725, 276kg Charolais heifer at £695, 243kg Limousin heifer at £550, 279kg Charolais bull at £795, 292kg Charolais bull at £925, 312kg Charolais heifer at £835, 268kg Charolais bull at £740, 293kg Limousin heifer at £615, 275kg Limousin heifer at £670, 296kg Charolais heifer at £770, Irvinestown producer 278kg Charolais heifer at £825, 351kg Charolais heifer at £875, 267kg Charolais heifer at £745, 333kg Charolais heifer at £855, Letterbreen producer 375kg Simmental heifer at £830, 350kg Charolais heifer at £770, 425kg Charolais bull at £960, 400kg Simmental bull at £885, 201kg Charolais heifer at £590, 410kg Limousin heifer at £890, Derrylin producer 415kg Simmental bull at £1,000, 400kg Charolais heifer at £740, 293kg Limousin at £740, 245kg Limousin heifer at £615, 275kg Limousin heifer at £670, 296kg Charolais heifer at £770, Kinawley producer 351kg Charolais steer at £900, 380kg Charolais steer at £970, 307kg Limousin at £885, Enniskillen producer 390kg Charolais steer at £1,035, 336kg Charolais steer at £935, 331kg Charolais heifer at £850, 295kg Charolais heifer at £790, Derrygonnelly producer 330kg Charolais steer at £940, 327kg Limousin heifer at £700, 323kg Limousin bull at £860.


Letterbreen producer Charolais bull at £380, Aberdeen Angus bull at £265, Limousin bull at £265, Limousin heifer at £260, Friesian bull at £75, Enniskillen producer Belgian Blue bull at £345, Lisnaskea producer Belgian Blue bull at £330, Trillick producer Belgian Blue heifer at £340, Tempo producer Charolais heifer at £275, Athalane producer Simmental bull at £275, Brookeborugh producer Belgian Blue bull at £285, Churchhill producer Hereford bull at £250, Friesian bull at £8, Friesiand bull at £80.


Omagh producer Limousin cow with bull at £1,860, Lisbellaw producer Charolais cow with bull at £1,660, Ballinamallard producer Belgian Blue cow with bull at £1,250, Trillick producer springing Charolais cow at £1,220, Letterbreen producer springing Belgian Blue cow at £1,190, Lisnaskea producer springing Simmental cow at £1,180, springing Simmental cow at £1,050, springing Simmental cow at £1,000


Beef lots to 227ppk paid for a 600kg Charolais at £1,360 and the top price of at £1,500.

Medium weights sold from 200-234ppk paid for a 490kg Charolais at £1,145.

Light weights sold from 205-243ppk paid for a 330kg Charolais at £880.

Enniskillen producer Charolais 750kg at £1,500, Fivemiletown producer Charolais 680kg at £1,440, Charolais 600kg at £1,360, Charolais 590kg at £1,260, Kinawley producer Charolais 700kg at £1,430, Charolais 520kg at £1,170, Lisbellaw producer Charolais 580kg at £1,310, Charolais 590kg at £1,265, Charolais 600kg at £1,255, Irvinestown producer Charolais 450kg at £1,065, Kesh producer Charolais 395kg at £955.

Fat cows

Beef cows to 206p for a 574kg Charolais at £1,185, lighter cow sold from 120-218ppk paid for a 490kg CH at £1,075, Friesian and Holstein cows to 169-125ppk paid for 680kg Friesian at £845.

Roscor producer Charolais 790kg at £1,370, Newtownbutler producer Charolais 620kg at £1,200, Macken producer Charolais 690kg at £1,250, Derrylin producer Charolais 570kg at £1,185, Trillick producer Charolais 650kg at £1,235, Charolais 670kg at £1,150, Kesh producer Charolais 558kg at £1,085.