Beef cows sell to £1,489.20 at Clogher Mart

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Another good entry of 976 cattle came under the hammer at Clogher Mart again with quality stock selling to premium prices.

In the fatstock ring beef cows sold to £1,489.20 for a 680kg Limousin to £219 per 100kg followed by £1,432.20 for a 770kg Limousin to £186 per 100kg.

Cow heifers sold to £223 per 100kg for a 600kg Limousin totalling £1,338 and selling to a top of £224 per 100kg for a 580kg Charolais totalling £1,299.20.

Fleshed Friesian cows sold to £134 per 100kg.

Fat bulls sold to £1,668.60 for a 810kg Limousin to £206.

Leading prices for beef cows and heifers as follows: Cookstown producer 580kg Charolais to £224 (£1,299.20), Greencastle producer 600kg Limousin to £223 (£1,338) and 680kg Limousin to £219 (£1,489.20), Kesh producer 500kg Limousin to £207 and 550kg Limousin to £189. Newtownhamilton producer 600kg Charolais to £199 and 630kg Limousin to £181. Fivemiletown producer 590kg Simmental to £198. Aughnacloy producer 460kg Simmental to £196. Clogher producer 680kg Limousin to £195 and 590kg Limousin to £190. Lisnaskea producer 490kg Simmental to £191. Lisnaskea producer 620kg Limousin to £187 and 700kg Limousin to £186. Glenarm producer 560kg Limousin to £186. Kilkeel producer 770kg Limousin to £186 (£1,432.20), Plumbridge producer 670kg Limousin to £184. Trillick producer 460kg Simmental to £184. Sheskinshule producer 520kg Limousin to £180. Greencastle producer 610kg Limousin to £180.

Other quality lots sold from £152 to £178 per 100kg.

Second quality lots sold from £120 to £150 per 100kg.

Well fleshed Friesian cows sold from £126 to £134 per 100kg.

Plainer lots sold from £94 to £118 per 100kg.

Poorer types sold from £58 to £88 per 100kg.


Dungannon producer 810kg Limousin to £206 (£1,668,60), Killadeas producer 1,130kg Simmental to £146 (£1,649.80), Brookeborough producer 1,040kg Charolais to £145 (£1,508), Dromore producer 860kg Limousin to £140 (£1,204), Omagh producer 940kg Aberdeen Angus to £139 (£1,306.60), Omagh producer 860kg Simmental to £116 (£997.60), Lisbellaw producer 890kg Charolais to £115 (£1,023.50).


740kg Charolais to £190. 590kg Limousin to £186. 760kg Limousin to £176. 720kg Simmental to £166. 810kg Simmental to £166. 730kg Simmental to £166. 580kg Limousin to £165. 600kg Simmental to £165. 560kg Simmental to £165. 650kg Simmental to £160.


710kg Charolais to £201. 520kg Charolais to £200, 620kg Limousin to £200. 530kg Simmental to £200. 760kg Limousin to £199. 560kg Aberdeen Angus to £196. 530kg Charolais to £195. 660kg Fleckvieh to £175. 630kg Fleckvieh to £175. 540kg Simmental to £174. 550kg Limousin to £174. 540kg Aberdeen Angus to £172. 560kg Hereford to £165.


490kg Aberdeen Angus to £210. 560kg Aberdeen Angus to £197. 610kg Aberdeen Angus to £196. 500kg Aberdeen Angus to £193. 500kg Aberdeen Angus to £192. 550kg Aberdeen Angus to £192. 550kg Charolais to £190. 570kg Aberdeen Angus to £187. 590kg Aberdeen Angus to £184. 500kg Simmental to £170. 490kg Fleckvieh to £158.


A good steady demand in this section with forward lots selling to £1,500 for a 680kg Charolais (£220), 710kg Simmental to £1,475, 640kg Limousin to £1,450 (£226), 690kg Charolais to £1,440 and 680kg Charolais to £1,370 for R Sands, Newry. P L McCaffery, Derrylin sold a 700kg Aberdeen Angus to £1,480 (£211), R Hall, Fivemiletown 910kg Limousin to £1,460. K Caldwell, Fivemiletown 570kg Aberdeen Angus to £1,290 (£226), 570kg Aberdeen Angus to £1,205. M Davidson, Cookstown 630kg Limousin to £1,290, 590kg Charolais to £1,240, 570kg Limousin to £1,235, 540kg Blonde d’Aquitaine to £1,200 (£222), K Morris, Gortin 740kg Limousin to £1,250. I T Ruddock, Waringstown 570kg Aberdeen Angus to £1,135. P Patterson, Augher 620kg Hereford to £1120, 600kg Shorthorn to £1,080 and 550kg Limousin to £1,055. S Daly, Loughmacrory 530kg Limousin to £1,100.


J A Little, Newtownbutler 490kg Charolais to £1,135 (£231), C Kelly, Dungannon 460kg Charolais to £1,095 (£238), 470kg Charolais to £1,070, 410kg Charolais to £1,065 (£260), 490kg Hereford to £1,060, 470kg Charolais to £1,055, 440kg Hereford to £1,025, 450kg Charolais to £1,025. P J McElroy, Tempo 460kg Charolais to £1,090. R A Orr, Brookeborough 490kg Charolais to £1080. Ballygawley producer 470kg Limousin to £1,000. C McCombe, Clogher 470kg Limousin to £995 and 440kg Charolais to £985. D Sands, Newry 460kg Hereford to £980.


P J McElroy, Tempo 390kg Charolais to £990. C Kelly, Dungannon 390kg Charolais to £980. J A Little, Newtownbutler 340kg Charolais to £870.


A brisk demand in this section with strong stores selling to £1,440 for a 650kg Limousin (£221.50) and 610kg Limousin to £1,365 (£224) for B Hutton, Cookstown. R Dallas, Stewartstown 610kg Charolais to £1,425 (£233) and 540kg Limousin to £1,215 (£225), M McCaughey, Aughnacloy 600kg Charolais to £1,230 (£205), 540kg Charolais to £1,180, 550kg Charolais to £1,150 and 560kg Charolais to £1,150. D Simpson, Aughnacloy 540kg Charolais to £1,135, 520kg Limousin to £1,120 and 530kg Limousin to £1,060. S Hannigan, Dromore 560kg Charolais to £1,120 and 660kg Charolais to £1,080. Clogher producer 520kg Limousin to £1,100. F Gormley, Omagh 520kg Limousin to £1,030.


A Rafferty, Dungannon 490kg Belgian Blue to £1,010 (£206), F Gormley, Omagh 470kg Charolais to £1,005 (£214) and 480kg Limousin to £950. P J McElroy, Tempo 480kg Charolais to £1,000 and 440kg Saler to £900. D Shortt, Clogher 450kg Charolais to £925 and 410kg Charolais to £800. S Hannigan, Dromore 470kg Charolais to £885. D McCartan, Ballygawley 460kg Limousin to £830. S McGovern, Clogher 470kg Simmental to £765. D J Straghan, Armagh 400kg Belgian Blue to £760. M Shortt, Clogher 410kg Charolais to £730. G Corrigan, Dungannon 410kg Limousin to £695.


C McCombe, Clogher 400kg Charolais to £790 and 380kg Charolais to £740. S McCulla, Cookstown 390kg Limousin to £785. B Graham, Garrison 360kg Limousin to £695. D J Straghan, Armagh 370kg Belgian Blue to £675 and 370kg Belgian Blue to £650. T J McCusker, Tempo 340kg Limousin to £670. G Corrigan, Dungannon 360kg Belgian Blue to £630, 320kg Limousin to £510, 270kg Limousin to £485. N Hill, Newtownstewart 350kg Charolais to £535 and 330kg Simmental to £530.


200 on offer sold to a very firm demand with steers and bulls selling to £1,120 for a 500kg Charolais (£224) and reaching £278 per 100kg for a 360kg Charolais to £1,000.

Weanling heifers sold to £995 for a 400kg Limousin (£249) reaching £292 per 100kg for a 270kg Charolais to £790

Leading prices: J Boylan, Aughnacloy 500kg Charolais to £1,120 (£224), 460kg Charolais to £1,015 and 470kg Charolais to £985. F Mallon, Dungannon 420kg Charolais to £1,035 (£246), 380kg Limousin to £1,005 (£264), 360kg Charolais to £1,000 (£278), 410kg Charolais to £990 (£241) and 390kg Charolais to £930. A Lynch, Ballygawley 390kg Lithuanian Black and White to £1,020 (£261.50), 380kg Limousin to £1,015 (£267) and 380kg Limousin to £940 twice. Kesh producer 410kg Limousin to £1,020 (£249) and 380kg Limousin to £980. D Rafferty, Dungannon 400kg Charolais to £1,000 (£250), P Hughes, Dungannon 470kg Charolais to £990 and 450kg Charolais to £935. M Toner, Desertmartin 440kg Limousin to £970. M/S P McAloon and C Shevlin, Rosslea 370kg Limousin to £935 (£253), B Holland, Moneymore 440kg Aberdeen Angus to £930.


J Armstrong, Maguiresbridge 400kg Limousin to £995 (£249), G M Bell, Cookstown 440kg Simmental to £900. G and G Warrington, Rosslea 400kg Charolais to £895. B Mooney, Lisburn 370kg Blonde d’Aquitaine to £870. G Quigley, Rosslea 360kg Charolais to £870. Kesh producer 390kg Charolais to £850, 340kg Limousin to £840 (£257), 360kg Charolais to £840. L Downey, Rosslea 330kg Charolais to £850 (£257) and 270kg Charolais to £790 (£292), M McCrystal, Ballygawley 350kg Limousin to £845. M Boyle, Cooneen 360kg Limousin to £805 and 350kg Limousin to £800. D P Foy, Tempo 380kg Charolais to £800. D Rafferty, Dungannon 370kg Limousin to £795. Tempo producer 340kg Limousin to £795. E McGirr, Ballygawley 360kg Charolais to £790. C Fee, Tempo 360kg Charolais to £780. J and E McCann, Coalisland 320kg Limousin to £775. D Foy, Tempo 400kg Limousin to £770.


A brisk demand in this section with Derek Montgomery, Dungannon selling a second calver to £1,830 and second calver Jersey to £1,000. Winston Hogg, Fivemiletown £1,600 for Friesian, £1,450, £1,400 for calved Ayrshires, £1,400 for calved Fleckvieh and £1,400 for calved Jersey. D Herron, Coalisland £1,570 for springing heifer. W Bloomer, Dungannon £1,470 and £1,050 for calved cows.


Strabane producer £1,700 for pedigree registered Blonde d’Aquitaine. Middletown producer £1,250 for young pedigree registered Simmental.


A smaller entry sold readily to a keen demand especially for quality lots J C S Whitcroft, Middletown £1,810 for heifer and bull calf. R Hadden, Dungannon £1,690, £1,350 and £1,300 for heifers with heifer calves. Harold Smith, Ballygawley £1,500, £1,470 and £1,450 for second calvers with heifer calves and £1,450 for second calver and bull calf. M/S R and D Hamilton, Drumquin £1,440 and £1,250 for heifers with bull calves and £1,300 for heifer and heifer calf. S Teague, Sixmilecross £1,425 and £1,320 for 2010 cows with bull calves, I Dunwoody, Milford £1,375 for heifer and bull calf. A Donaghy, Dungannon £1,200 for heifer and bull calf. Incalf heifers sold to £1,150.


A good turnout this week sold to a steady demand with bull calves (under 2 months) selling to £490 and £450 for a Charolais to J Hagan, Dungannon. I Eagleson, Aughnacloy £485 for Charolais. D Clarke, Maguiresbridge £480 for Charolais. A W Wilson, Dungannon £445 for Limousin. Clogher producer £445 for Charolais and £425 for Limousin. J Turkington, Lurgan £440 for Aberdeen Angus. R Mallon, Armagh £420 for Charolais. B McCullagh, Greencastle £365 for Limousin. M McGuiggan, Madden £360 for Charolais. M Breen, Tempo £355 for Aberdeen Angus.


J Mohan, Lisnaskea £405 for Limousin. Augher producer £405 and £375 for Charolais. M Howe, Cornafanogue £400 for Hereford. J McDonagh, Brookeborough £365 for Charolais. Clogher producer £350 for Charolais.


B McCann, Dungannon £675 for Charolais. T Smyth, Dromore £660 for Charolais. Dungannon producer £620 for Limousin and £600 for Charolais. A and A Maguire, Rosslea £585 for Charolais. D Williamson, Portadown £545 for Simmental. M F Nugent, Dungannon £540 for Charolais. W J J Brown, Clogher £530 for Charolais. V Monaghan, Mackin £530 for Charolais. L Cooper, Castlederg £490 for Aberdeen Angus.


B McCann, Dungannon £615 twice for Charolais. Aughnacloy producer £575 and £560 for Charolais £575 and £480 for Limousins. T Smyth, Dromore £565 for Charolais. L Cooper, Castlederg £560 for Shorthorn. K Elliott, Dromore £510 for Aberdeen Angus. F O’Neill, Ballygawley £455 for Charolais. W J J Brown, Clogher £410 for Limousin.