Beef cows sell to £1,886 for a 820kg at Clogher Mart

Clogher Mart
Clogher Mart

Severe weather conditions greatly reduced the numbers this week at Clogher Mart however the strong demand remains.

In the fatstock ring beef cows sold to £1,886 for a 820kg British Blue at £230 per 100kg for a Dungannon producer.

A Castlederg producer sold a 730kg Aberdeen Angus to £205, (£1,496.50) an 810kg Limousin to £195 (£1,579.50) and 710kg Simmental to £187 (£1,327.70). Dungannon producer 500kg Limousin to £202, 540kg Limousin to £198, 580kg Aberdeen Angus to £195, 550kg Aberdeen Angus to £194 and 630kg Limousin to £185. Cookstown producer 650kg Limousin to £194, 540kg Limousin to £194 and 690kg Limousin to £183. Sixmilecross producer 830kg Lim. to £192 (£1,593-60). Aughnacloy producer 530kg Charolais to £185, 470kg Charolais to £184 and 670kg Charolais to £171. Dungannon producer 760kg Charolais to £184 (£1,398.40) and 570kg Simmental to £167. Ballygawley producer 650kg Limousin to £175. Dungannon producer 490kg Aberdeen Angus to £166.

Fat bulls sold to £949.20.

Fat steers overage sold to £148 for 520kg Aberdeen Angus with Friesians selling from £132 to £140 per 100kg.

Fat steers underage sold to £190 for a 500kg Simmental.

Fat heifers underage sold to £215 for a 480kg Aberdeen Angus.

In the store rings bullocks sold to £1,300 for a 590kg Limousin (£220), 540kg Limousin to £1,185 (£219), 550kg Limousin to £1,175 and 620kg Blonde d'Aquitaine to £1,120 for a Cookstown producer.

Medium weights sold to £810 for a 390kg Charolais for a Lurgan producer in the heifer ring forward lots sold to £1,100 for a 550kg Charolais for a Dungannon producer.

Medium weights sold to £1,155 for a 500kg Limousin for a Sixmilecross producer.

Weanling steers and bulls sold to £1,270 for a 400kg Charolais (£317.50), £1,245 for a 390kg Charolais (£319), £1,205 for a 440kg Charolais, £1,160 for a 400kg Charolais, £1,135 for a 460kg Limousin, £1,130 for a 410kg Charolais, £1,090 for a 350kg Charolais, £1,060 for a 420kg Charolais, £990 for a 400kg Limousin, £955 for a 380kg Charolais, £950 for a 350kg Charolais, £930 for a 360kg Charolais, £890 for a 390kg Charolais and £840 for a 370kg Charolais to a Dungannon producer. A McIvor, Dungannon 440kg Charolais to £1,070. P Hacket, Newtownbutler 380kg Limousin to £965 and 350kg Limousin to £850. E Cassidy, Tempo 490kg Charolais to £940. S McIvor, Dungannon 420kg Charolais to £840. M Thompson, Newmills 360kg Charolais to £805.

Weanling heifers sold to £1,000 for a 400kg Limousin (£250). P Hacket, Newtownbutler 330kg Limousin to £870 (£264), Deerpark Collections, Kesh 430kg Charolais to £860, 420kg Charolais to £825. Kesh producer 330kg Limousin to £760 (£230), 350kg Limousin to £760, 290kg Blonde d'Aquitaine to £700. A Gribben, Portadown 360kg Charolais to £735, 320kg Charolais to £635 and 320kg Charolais to £625. E Cassidy, Tempo 340kg Charolais to £720. V Keys, Dromore 300kg Limousin to £705. P M Cullen, Coalisland 320kg Charolais to £690, 330kg Charolais to £690 and 340kg Charolais to £640. R J Barnes, Cookstown 280kg Limousin to £670.

Dairy cows and heifers sold to £1,650, £1,470 and £1,300 for a Dungannon producer. J Edgar, Omagh £1,200 for calved heifer.

Sucklers sold to £1,000 for a springing cow from a Dungannon producer and £910 for a springing heifer from a Fintona producer.

Dropped calves bulls sold to £365 for a Charolais to D and J Hunter Tempo. R J Hogg, Ballinamallard £290 for Belgian Blue. J L Annon, Magheraveely £270 for Limousin. A D Dunlop, Lisbellaw £220 for Aberdeen Angus. E M Whittaker, Derrygonnelly £230 for Hereford and £205 for Charolais. A D Dunlop, Lisbellaw £215 for Fleckvieh.

Heifer calves sold to £250 for an Aberdeen Angus from H Maguire, Fermanagh, A D Dunlop, Lisbellaw £245 and £240 for Aberdeen Angus. M/S C and H Brownlee, Florencecourt £220 for Belgian Blue. C Elkin, Omagh £210, £195 and £190 for Belgian Blues and £190 for Simmental.

Reared bulls sold to £420 and £380 for Limousins to a Stewartstown producer. W Johnston, Fermanagh £315 for Shorthorn.

Reared heifers sold to £560 for Simmental to V Keys, Dromore. Mountview Cattle, Dungannon £555 for Simmental and £500 twice for Limousins. S McCulla, Cookstown £440 and £430 for Charolaiss. K McCrory, Sixmilecross £400 for British Blue.