Beef cows sell to a top price of £1,487 at Clogher Mart

Clogher Mart
Clogher Mart

An increased entry to 1,252 cattle on offer at Clogher Mart this week returned a strong demand in all sections.

In the fatstock ring beef cows sold to a top of £1,487 for a 740kg Limousin at £201.

Cow heifers sold to £1,293 for a 660kg Limousin at £196 and sold to a top of £207 per 100kg for a 490kg Limousin.

Fat bulls sold to £152 for a 840kg Aberdeen Angus. £151 for a 860kg Limousin and £149 for a 980kg Charolais.

Fat steers overage sold to £190 per 100kg for a 820kg Limousin.

Fat steers underage sold to £210 per 100kg for a 630kg Limousin.

Fat heifers underage sold to £192 per 100kg for a 490kg Charolais.

In the store rings forward store bullocks sold to £1,530 for a 730kg Charolais and sold to a top of £238 per 100kg for a 580kg Limousin at £1,380.

Medium weights sold to £268 per 100kg for a 500kg Charolais at £1,340.

Forward store heifers sold to £258 per 100kg for a 580kg Limousin at £1,500 and another 580kg Limousin to £1,415 £244 per 100kg.

Medium weights sold to £1,100 for a 470kg Charolais. £234 per 100kg and sold to a top of £240 per 100kg for a 450kg Limousin at £1,080.

Weanling steers and bulls sold to a record of £1,360 for a 460kg Limousin.

£295.50 per 100kg weanling heifers sold to £1,150 for a 450kg Charolais. £255 per 100kg and reached £339 per 100kg for a 310kg Limousin at £1,050.

Dairy cows sold to £1,850.

Suckler outfits to £1,370, dropped calves bulls to £390 for a Limousin.

Heifers to £350 for a Charolais.

Reared bulls to £500 for a Charolais and reared heifers to £550 for a Limousin.

LEADING PRICES IN FATSTOCK RING AS FOLLOWS: Dungannon producer 490kg Limousin to £207. 740kg Limousin to £201. 560kg Charolais to £200. 520kg Limousin to £197. 660kg Limousin to £196. 460kg Limousin to £195. 670kg Limousin to £195. 480kg Limousin to £193. 480kg Limousin to £191. 640kg Limousin to £191. 630kg Charolais to £190. 720kg Simmental to £188. 620kg Simmental to £187. 580kg Simmental to £186. 580kg Limousin to £186. 650kg Limousin to £186. 540kg Limousin to £186. 520kg Simmental to £184. 570kg Limousin to £181. 690kg Charolais to £178. 590kg Limousin to £176.

Other quality lots sold from £140 to £174 per 100kg.

Second quality lots sold from £118 to £138 per 100kg.

Well fleshed Friesian cows sold from £120 to £128 per 100kg.

Poorer types sold from £84 to £116 per 100kg.

Plainer lots sold from £56 to £76 per 100kg.


840kg Aberdeen Angus to £152. 860kg Limousin to £151. 980kg Charolais to £149. 1,010kg Charolais to £146. 810kg Limousin to £136. 980kg Aberdeen Angus to £136. 890kg Simmental to £118.


820kg Limousin to £190. 880kg Limousin to £182. 550kg Friesian to £152. 610kg Limousin to £150. 770kg Friesian to £143. 600kg Friesian to £140. 560kg Simmental to £130.


630kg Limousin to £212. 520kg Aberdeen Angus to £204. 700kg Limousin to £202. 510kg Hereford to £194. 500kg Aberdeen Angus to £193. 550kg Charolais to £187. 500kg Simmental to £184. 670kg Limousin to £183. 710kg Limousin to £183. 770kg Montbeliarde to £183. 780kg Limousin to £183. 680kg Limousin to £183. 680kg Fleckvieh to £178. 650kg Fleckvieh to £178. 560kg Hereford to £173. 560kg Holstein to £163.


490kg Charolais to £192. 610kg Shorthorn beef to £187. 520kg Limousin to £181. 580kg Shorthorn beef to £176. 420kg Aberdeen Angus to £175. 380kg Hereford to £173. 520kg Charolais to £164. 670kg Charolais to £162. 480kg Frieisian to £162. 600kg Friesian to £161. 570kg Shorthorn beef to £160. 720kg Friesian to £159. 530kg Aberdeen Angus to £150. 540kg Aberdeen Angus to £148. 630kg Friesian to £147. 610kg Friesian to £144.


A very sharp demand in this section with strong stores selling to £1,530 for a 730kg Charolais (£209.50), 760kg Charolais to £1,480 (£195), 750kg Charolais to £1,455 (£194) and 640kg Limousin to £1,380 (£215.50) for J Todd, Portadown. W J Robinson, Clogher 690kg Limousin to £1,480 (£214.50) 690kg Charolais to £1,435, 660kg Limousin to £1,420 (£215), 670kg Charolais to £1,380 and 660kg Charolais to £1,375. J J Beggan, Rosslea 680kg Limousin to £1,475 (£215), 680kg Limousin to £1,435 and 700kg Charolais to £1,400. H Bruce, Cookstown 690kg Charolais to £1,460 (£211.50), 670kg Charolais to £1,395 (£208), 620kg Charolais to £1,385 (£223), 580kg Limousin to £1,380 (£238), 610kg Charolais to £1,375 (£225) and 600kg Limousin to £1,375 (£229), S Trouton, Portadown 630kg Charolais to £1,380 (£219).


J A and E Downey, Dungannon 500kg Charolais to £1,390 (£278), Roy Hall, Fivemiletown 500kg Charolais to £1,340 (£268), J Hagan, Clogher 490kg Charolais to £1,115 (£227), D Dickson, Magherafelt 480kg Limousin to £1,100 (£229), 490kg Charolais to £1,090, 450kg Limousin to £1,020 (£226), R J Keenan, Fivemiletown 500kg Limousin to £1,080, K Henry Sandholes 500kg Blonde d'Aquitaine to £1,070, 480kg to £1,060 and 490kg Limousin to £1,015. J L Heagney, Clogher 480kg Charolais to £1,065 and 450kg Charolais to £1,040 (£231), J McStay, Lurgan 500kg Belgian Blue to £1,050. J F McElroy, Fivemiletown 450kg Charolais to £1,030, Walter Hogg, Fivemiletown 470kg Charolais to £1,025. G Little, Newtownbutler 470kg Aberdeen Angus to £1,000. O Jeffers, Cookstown 480kg Limousin to £995. T J Aiken, Kesh 420kg Charolais to £1,020 (£243), M E Fee, Lisnaskea 440kg Charolais to £1,000. J Bates, Clogher 450kg Charolais to £1,000.


A large entry sold to a very keen demand with strong stores selling to £1,500 for a 580kg Limousin (£258.50) and another 580kg Limousin to £1,415 (£244) for Brian Snodgrass, Sion Mills. M McAnenly, Ballygawley 730kg Charolais to £1,425 (£195), 550kg Limousin to £1,275 (£232), 600kg Limousin to £1,205, and 600kg Charolais to £1,180. J and K Wiggan, Ballygawley 590kg Charolais to £1,340 (£227) and 600kg Limousin to £1,270. O McElroy, Augher 590kg Limousin to £1,280. J A Johnston, Magheraveely 570kg Limousin to £1,270 (£222), 570kg Limousin to £1,240 and 530kg Limousin to £1,190 (£224.50), Owen Roe McElroy, Augher 650kg Simmental to £1,260. T McCusker, Tempo 530kg Charolais to £1,240 (£234), 550kg Charolais to £1,235 (£224), Newtownbutler producer 580kg Charolais to £1,205, 570kg Charolais to £1,200 and 550kg Charolais to £1,185 (£215). W H Harkness, Crumlin 560kg Limousin to £1,190.


R Murphy, Pomeroy 470kg Charolais to £1,100 (£234), 460kg Charolais to £1,070 (£232), 460kg Limousin to £980, 450kg Charolais to £980 and 480kg Charolais to £975. D Mooney, Ballinderry 490kg Charolais to £1,080. P Fox, Ballygawley 450kg Limousin to £1,080 (£240) and 420kg Limousin to £990 (£236), W H Harkness, Crumlin 480kg Limousin to £1,080 x 2 460kg Limousin to £1,000 and 480kg Limousin to £970. B McSorley, Coa 410kg Charolais to £1,040, (£253) A E McCune, Tynan 480kg Aberdeen Angus to £1,030. D Jordan, Newtownbutler 480kg Limousin to £1,005. D P Hackett, Galbally 460kg Limousin to £990. P Irvine, Augher 470kg Belgian Blue to £990. S P Greenan, Garrison 440kg Hereford to £980.


T McCusker, Tempo 390kg Blonde d'Aquitaine to £930 (£238), S Askin, Ballygawley 390kg Limousin to £890 and 400kg Limousin to £840. J McGleenan, Armagh 400kg Charolais to £880, 390kg Limousin to £800, 360kg Hereford to £730 and 400kg Belgian Blue to £720. B McSorley, Coa 350kg Charolais to £860 (£246), 370kg Charolais to £800 and 400kg Saler to £720. M/S S and C Monaghan, Cookstown 390kg Limousin to £840 and 370kg Limousin to £805. P Irvine, Augher 360kg Limousin to £805. N and H Johnston, Newtownbutler 360kg Limousin to £780. J McGeown, Craigavon 360kg Limousin to £735 and 370kg Limousin to £680.


A very brisk demand in this section with heavy bull calves selling to £1290 for a 640kg Ch. (£201) to a Ballygawley Producer S Cassidy Ballygawley sold a 560kg Ch. to £1190 (£212-50) B McKeever Armagh sold a 540kg Ch. to £1150(£213) Smaller Steers & Bulls sold to a top of £1360 for a 460kg Lim. (£295) and a 480kg Lim. to £1050 (£219 ) for an Armagh Producer. C McDonald Ballygawley 510kg Ch. to £1105. J Bates Clogher 480kg Ch. to £1085 and 450kg Ch. to £1000. L Johnston Tempo 450kg Ch. to £1070 (£238) and 440kg Ch. to £1050(£238) T J Aiken Kesh 490kg Lim. to £1060, and 420kg Chars. to £1020 x 2 (£243) J Canavan Coalisland 460kg Ch. to £1040, 470kg Ch. to £1030, and 490kg Ch. to £1025.


B McKeever, Armagh 450kg Charolais to £1,150 (£256), B Parsons, Tempo 310kg Limousin to £1,050 (£339), P Mulligan, Newtownbutler 360kg Charolais to £1,015 (£282), S Mellon, Fintona 420kg Charolais to £980, 450kg Charolais to £905 and 420kg Charolais to £860. S McCall, Armagh 370kg Charolais to £980 (£265), 350kg Charolais to £950 (£271), 320kg Charolais to £820 (£256) and 330kg Charolais to £810 (£245), R B Woods, Tempo 390kg Charolais to £900 (£231), J Bates, Clogher 410kg Charolais to £890, P McConnell, Clogher 370kg Charolais to £860 and 390kg Charolais to £820. G and G Warrington, Rosslea 380kg Charolais to £830. K Little, Lisnaskea 380kg Charolais to £800 and 320kg Charolais to £785. E Murray, Fivemiletown 350kg Charolais to £785.


Calved heifers sold to a top of £1,850 to R Givan, Dungannon, Stewartstown producer £1,400 and £1,170. O Anderson, Sixmilecross £1,400. P Fee, Lisnaskea £1,365. A Johnston, Clogher £1,200. Others sold from £1,000. A selection of maiden heifers sold from £360 to £440. Back springing cows sold from £800 to £860.


A smaller entry sold to a steady demand although quality lots were in short supply however Fiona Wilson, Clogher sold a third calver and bull valf to £1,370. Ian Brown, Mackin sold heifers with bull calves to £1,350 and £1,230. Gordon Morrow, Fivemiletown sold a heifer and bull calf to £1,300. Mountview Cattle, Dungannon sold an 2009 cow and heifer calf to £1,275. J McGrath, Omagh £1,270 for heifer and heifer calf. Springing heifers and cows sold to £1,115, £1,055 and £925 for P Mullin, Sixmilecross. Alan Managh, Sixmilecross £1,105. Ian Brown, Mackin £1,030. S McGovern, Kinawley £1,005.


A larger entry sold readily with bull calves (under two months) selling to £390 for a Limousin to an Augher producer. A Maguire, Lisbellaw £350 for Hereford and £315 for Aberdeen Angus. C McGrade, Omagh £290 for Limousin. C Barrett, Omagh £285 for Limousin. R Brunt, Fivemiletown £285, £275 and £270 for Aberdeen Anguss. R J Hoy, Monea £260 for Belgian Blue, £260 for Hereford and £255 for Charolais.


W Richardson, Dungannon £350 and £320 for Charolais. Clogher producer £325 for Belgian Blue. Lisbellaw producer £310 and £300 for Charolais and £295 and £290 for Aberdeen Angus. K R Latimer, Trillick £300 for Belgian Blue.


E McCaughey, Fintona £500 for Charolais. W Richardson, Dungannon £485 for Charolais. K McPhillips, Magheraveely £460 for Charolais. R Douglas, Portadown £455 for Belgian Blue £430 for Simmental and £365 for Limousin. T McMahon, Clogher £420 for Charolais and £390 for Limousin. A D Dunlop, Lisbellaw £410, £390 and £370 twice for Fleckviehs. C Emerson, Enniskillen £360 for Aberdeen Angus and £320 for Hereford


R Douglas, Portadown £550 and £455 for Limousins. D Foy, Cooneen £510 for Limousin. Lisbellaw producer £450 for Blonde d'Aquitaine and £405 for Charolais. T McMahon, Clogher £440 for Simmental. M Rafferty, Dungannon £435 for Limousin. P E Cassidy, Kinawley £405 for Limousin.