Beef cows sell to a top price of £1,889 at Clogher Mart

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A great seasonal entry of 1,226 cattle on offer at Clogher Mart last week sold to a good steady demand in all sections considering the serious weather conditions.

Highlights from all sections as follows: Beef cows sold to a top of £1,889 and £211 per 100kg for a 900kg Belgian Blue.

Cow heifers topped £1,524.60 and £198 per 100kg for a 770kg Belgian Blue.

Fat bulls to £1,720 for a 1,220kg Aberdeen Angus at £141 per 100kg and selling to a top of £147 per 100kg Limousin.

Beef steers overage to £172 for a 660kg Limousin. Underage steers to £194 for a 670kg Charolais. Underage heifers to £199 for a 530kg Limousin. In the store rings forward steers to £1,515 and £205 per 100kg mediums weights to £1,105 and £225.50 per 100kg forward heifers to £1,300 and £216.60 per 100kg medium weights to £1,070 and £232 per 100kg.

Weanling steers and bulls to £970 and £279 per 100kg weanling heifers to £855 and £288 per 100kg dairy cows to £1,760 and £1,740 suckler outfits to £1,445, in calf heifers to £1,210 and £1,200 bull calves to £440 for Limousin heifer calves to £380 for Limousin.


Newtownstewart producer 900kg Belgian Blue to £211 (£1,899), 770kg Belgian Blue to £198 per 100kg (£1,524.60) and 750kg Blonde D’Aquitaine to £172. Ederney producer 540kg Limousin to £194. Augher producer 700kg Belgian Blue to £184, Loughgall producer 470kg Limousin to £179. Annaghmore producer 650kg Limousin to £178. Omagh producer 580kg Limousin to £177. Keady producer 630kg Charolais to £175. Derrygonnelly producer 550kg Belgian Blue to £174. Ballygawley producer 510kg Simmental to £173. Omagh producer 480kg Limousin to £172. Kilkeel producer 710kg Limousin to £171 and 750kg Limousin to £168. Magheraveely producer 830kg Belgian Blue to £169. Augher producer 560kg Limousin to £168. Augher producer 760kg Limousin to £168. Fivemiletown producer 670kg Limousin to £166. Maghera producer 610kg Hereford to £165. St Angelo producer 820kg Charolais to £164.

Other quality lots sold from £135 to £162 per 100kg.

Second quality lots sold from £112 to £132 per 100kg.

Well fleshed Friesian cows sold from £118 to £126 per 100kg.

Plainer lots sold from £80 to £109 per 100kg.

Poorer types sold from £54 to £76 per 100kg.


Limousins sold from £123 per 100kg to £147 per 100kg. Aberdeen Angus to £141 Charolais sold from £126 to £139 per 100kg. Herefords sold to £133 for 1,080kg. Shorthorns to £118 per 100kg for 830kg.

FAT STEERS (overage)

660kg Limousin to £172. 560kg Limousin to £170. 580kg Charolais to £168. 700kg Charolais to £166. 680kg Friesian to £162. £150 for 430kg Shorthorn, £143 for 830kg Limousin, £124 for 540kg Holstein, £120 for 650kg Shorthorn.

FAT STEERS (underage)

670kg Charolais to £194. 530kg Charolais to £192. 660kg Charolais to £191. 560kg Charolais to £186. 570kg Charolais to £183. 630kg Charolais to £180. 660kg Charolais to £179. 840kg Simmental to £172. 650kg Limousin to £170. 470kg British White to £160. 720kg Belgian Blue to £160. 460kg Aberdeen Angus to £160. Friesian steers sold from £114 to £124 per 100kg for 490kg.

FAT HEIFERS (underage)

530kg Limousin to £199. 560kg Simmental to £184. 590kg Limousin to £180. 630kg Aberdeen Angus to £179. 520kg Aberdeen Angus to £179. 600kg Hereford to £168. 600kg Aberdeen Angus to £166. 550kg Charolais to £162. 560kg Fleckvieh to £157. 620kg Belgian Blue to £150. 480kg Blonde D’Aquitaine to £146.


A seasonal entry sold readily with forward lots selling to £1,515 for a 810kg Charolais. £1,460 for a 770kg Charolais and £1,350 for a 660kg Blonde D’Aquitaine (£204-50) for G Corr, Stewartstown. J Greenaway, Annaghmore 800kg Charolais to £1,495 and 660kg Charolais to £1,390. J McStravick, Craigavon 730kg Limousin to £1,470, 770kg Limousin to £1,465, 730kg Limousin to £1460, 710kg Charolais to £1,445, 690kg Limousin to £1,400 and 710kg Limousin to £1,375. Pomeroy producer 680kg Charolais to £1,415, 650kg Charolais to £1,390, 660kg Simmental to £1,370, 660kg Limousin to £1,365, 700kg Charolais to £1,355 and 660kg Limousin to £1,335. J Jordan, Dungannon 730kg Limousin to £1,395. R Watson, Augher 760kg Charolais to £1,395


M/S E and K Ewart, Killylea 490kg to £1,105 (£225.50 per 100kg), 500kg Limousin to £1,050, 490kg Limousin to £1,040, 490kg Charolais to £1,010, 470kg Limousin to £980, 480kg Shorthhorn beef to £965 and 430kg Limousin to £900. A Sloane, Armagh 500kg Charolais to £1,065. A Maguire, Lisbellaw 470kg Limousin to £1,005 and 440kg Limousin to £920. William Law, Aughnacloy 420kg Charolais to £950 and 460kg Charolais to £930. Hugh Maguire, Cornafanogue 480kg Aberdeen Angus to £945. George Benson, Dungannon 480kg Aberdeen Angus to £925. T J Law, Aughnacloy 420kg Chariolais to £925. G Mellon, Fintona 450kg Limousin to £920 and 420kg Limousin to £900. G Curran, Brookeborough 450kg Charolais to £920.


N P McElduff, Dungannon 400kg Limousin to £900. P Hamilton, Portadown 340kg Limousin to £600. A selection of Friesians sold from £270 to £405 for 310kg to R J Armstrong, Trillick.


A good steady demand in this section with forward lots selling £1,300 for a 600kg (£216.60) for a Dungannon producer, H Erskine, Ballygawley 630kg Charolais to £1,265. H McCarney, Fintona 590kg Charolais to £1,210. C L Allen, Ballygawley 620kg Charolais to £1,210. A Sloane, Armagh 570kg Charolais to £1,200, 510kg Charolais to £1,080. I Jordan, Crumlin 620kg Limousin to £1,150, 640kg Limousin to £1,070, 550kg Limousin to £1,050 and 580kg Limousin to £1,035. J R McAree, Keady 590kg Limousin to £1,115 and 540kg Limousin to £1,030. H McAnespie, Aughnacloy 510kg Charolais to £1,065 and 500kg Charolais to £1,045. Harvey Keys, Fivemiletown 500kg Charolais to £1,060, 520kg Charolais to £1,055, and 540kg Charolais to £1,040. W and C Mills, Cookstown 550kg Limousin to £1,045.


A Sloane, Armagh 490kg Charolais to £1,070, 490kg Charolais to £1,060, 480kg Charolais to £1,055 and 460kg Charolais to £980. N P McElduff, Dungannon 500kg Charolais to £1,050. H McAnespie, Aughnacloy 480kg Charolais to £1,030 and 490kg Charolais to £1,005. J Hackett, Omagh 440kg Charolais to £1,020 (£232), 450kg Charolais to £1,000, 440kg Charolais to £990, 450kg Charolais to £955 and 430kg Charolais to £900. E Hackett, Ballygawley 470kg Charolais to £980 and 490kg Charolais to £965. J Donnelly, Augher 440kg Charolais to £920. P Gilroy, Derrylin 460kg Limousin to £915. A Maguire, Lisbellaw 450kg Limousin to £900.


Ruth Hogg, Fivemiletown 350kg Charolais to £840 (£240), 380kg Charolais to £805, 370kg Charolais to £730, 360kg Stabiliser to £705, 360kg Charolais to £705. M McCaffery, Clogher 380kg Charolais to £760, 340kg Charolais to £635 and 390kg Charolais to £600. L Murphy, Dungannon 370kg Limousin to £720. R Cuddy, Dungannon 390kg Aberdeen Angus to £690, 380kg Limousin to £595, 360kg Aberdeen Angus to £575 and 360kg Aberdeen Angus to £570. J Donnelly, Augher 390kg Charolais to £650 and 380kg Charolais to £610. A and K McKeown, Clogher 360kg Hereford to £560 twice.


Brisk demand in this section with steers and bulls selling to ££970 for a 480kg Charolais, £935 for a 390kg Limousin, £900 for a 480kg Charolais, £880 for a 400kg Limousin, £870 for a 440kg Charolais, £865 for a 380kg Charolais, £850 for a 400kg Limousin and £840 for a 380kg Charolais to P Sommerville, Ballygawley. A Co Down producer sold a 410kg Limousin to £910, 390kg Limousin to £890, 370kg Blonde D’Aquataine to £880, 390kg Blonde D’Aquataine to £880, 420kg Limousin to £875, 360kg Blonde D’Aquataine to £860 and 360kg Charolais to £845. P J Reilly, Derrylin 390kg Limousin to £895. G Clifford, Rosslea 320kg Charolais to £880 and 400kg Aberdeen Angus to £840. T F Taylor, Derrylin 340kg Charolais to £865. K Kelly, Omagh 360kg Limousin to £840.


D White, Portadown 390kg Belgian Blue to £855. N Storey, Kinawley 420kg Simmental to £800. T F Taylor, Derrylin 290kg Simmental to £760. G Quinn, Dungannon 370kg Limousin to £735 and 370kg Charolais to £680. G McKee, Coalisland 250kg Blonde D’Aquataine to £720 (£288) and 310kg Blonde D’Aquataine to £680. G McCaughey, Clogher 270kg Simmental to £710, 310kg Simmental to £690 and 260kg Limousin to £650. J and K Rodgers, Beragh 370kg Charolais to £690 and 340kg Charolais to £620. William White, Portadown 390kg Hereford to £685, 340kg Belgian Blue to £665, 340kg Belgian Blue to £640, 360kg Limousin to £630 and 340kg Belgian Blue to £630. D Lyttle, Warringstown 330kg Belgian Blue to £650. Cookstown -producer 250kg Charolais to £650. Rosslea producer 290kg Limousin to £630.


A very good turnout sold to a keen demand with calved heifers selling to £1,760 and £1,740 for William Loughrin, Caledon. Roy Givan, Dungannon £1730, £1,680, £1,680 and £1,400. B McStravick, Aghagallon £1,700 and £1,630. H Morrison, Brookeborough £1,510. Glentop Farms Ltd, Castlederg £1,500 and £1,250. G H Graham, Kinawley £1,460. D W and P Lyness, Portadown £1,450 three times. C A Caldwell, Castlederg £1,410. P B Donnelly, Armagh £1,380. Several others sold from £930 to £1,270.


A smaller entry sold to a top of £1,445 and £1,380 for third calvers with heifer calves at foot for D Strain, Armagh. P Dunne, Maguiresbridge £1,265 for 2012 cow and bull calf. R F Taylor, Derrylin £1,100 for heifer and Aberdeen Angus heifer calf. E Clarke, Ballygawley £1,090 for second calver and Limousin heifer calf. A Jones, Newtownhamilton £1,075 for second calver and Hereford heifer calf and £1,065 for heifer and Belgian Blue heifer calf. A selection of incalf heifers due mid December and January onwards to AI Limousin bull sold £1,210, £1,200 twice, £1,180, £1,130 and £1,100 twice for P Corrigan, Dungannon.


A lot of stock in this section with bull calves (under two months) selling to £440 twice for Limousin from J Richardson, Annaghmore. Aughnacloy producer £425 and £415 for Charolais. G Sloan, Ballygawley £400 for Limousin £390 and £370 for Simmentals and £370 for Hereford. A C Lunny, Aghalane £330 for Belgian Blue. R J Foster, Ballymoney £315 and £300 for Shorthorns. C Kelso, Dungannon £310 for Hereford and £305 for Aberdeen Angus.


D McCallon, Carrickmore £380 for Limousin. Dungannon producer £378 for Charolais £376 and £372 for Limousin. Cookstown producer £370, £364, £360 twice and £345 for Charolais. M Lagan, Cookstown £285 for Simmental. P Doyle, Trillick £275 for Belgian Blue.


J McKernan, Omagh £660 for Simmental and £610 for Charolais. G Smyton, Fivemiletown £625 and £510 for Limousin. N T Boyd, Fivemiletown £600 for Limousin. D McCallon, Carrickmore £585 for Charolais. M Hawe, Dungannon £520 for Limousin. R E Jones, Ballygawley £470 for Hereford. S Cox, Kinawley £460 for Limousin. G Sloan, Ballygawley £455 twice for Limousins. C Monteith, Omagh £445 for Limousin. B Clancy, Newtownbutler £425 for Hereford.


D McCallon, Carrickmore £640 and £500 twice for Charolais and £530 for Limousin. M Hawe, Dungannon £605 for Hereford, £515, £505 and £460 for Limousins. G Sloan, Ballygawley £605 and £590 for Charolais and £465 for Aberdeen Angus. S Eagleson, Aughnacloy £600 for Belgian Blue. M McCardle, Armagh £550 for Aberdeen Angus. J McKernan, Omagh £520 and £510 for Charolais. S Cox, Kinawley £500 and £490 for Limousins.