Beef cows top £1,936.40 at Clogher Mart

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Another large entry of 1,303 cattle came under the hammer for the start of the autumn sales at Clogher Mart as trade remains very strong especially for quality lots in all sections.

In the fatstock ring 430 lots listed sold easily to a very keen demand beef cows topped £1,936.40 for a 940kg Belgian Blue at £206 per 100kg others sold £220 for a 640kg Belgian Blue. £210 for a 820kg Blonde D’Aquitaine (£1,722) and £208 for a 800kg Limousin (£1,664).

Cow heifers peaked at £200 for a 740kg Blonde D’Aquitaine (£1,480), 650kg Charolais to £193 (£1,254.50), 610kg Limousin to £192 (£1,171.40) and 660kg Charolais to £189 (£1,247.40).

Well fleshed Friesian cows sold to £136 per 100kg top twenty average for cows and cow heifers this week £185 per 100kg.

Castlederg producer 640kg Belgian Blue to £220. Co Antrim producer 820kg Blonde D’Aquitaine to £210, 740kg Blonde D’Aquitaine to £200, 760kg Blonde D’Aquitaine to £179 and 720kg Blonde D’Aquitaine to £176. Cullyhanna producer 800kg Limousin to £208. Greysteel producer 940kg Belgian Blue to £206. Ballygawley producer 650kg Charolais to £193. Caledon producer 610kg Limousin to £192 and 750kg Belgian Blue to £178. Pomeroy producer 660kg Charolais to £189 and 550kg Charolais top £188. Beragh producer 770kg Charolais to £185 and 660kg Charolais to £176. Randlastown producer 720kg Blonde D’Aquitaine to £182. Irvinestown producer 590kg Charolais to £180. Dungannon producer 600kg Limousin to £180. Cooneen producer 530kg Limousin to £180. Cookstown producer 770kg Limousin to £179. Ballygawley producer 540kg Limousin to £175.

Other quality lots sold from £135 to £173 per 100kg.

Second quality lots sold from £112 to £132 per 100kg.

Well fleshed Friesian cows sold from £126 to £136 per 100kg.

Plainer lots sold from £84 to £109 per 100kg.

Poorer types sold from £147 to £172 per 100kg.

FAT BULLS: 680kg Charolais to £163. 870kg Blonde D’Aquitaine to £161. 830kg Limousin to £155. 730kg Charolais to £147. 1,120kg Simmental to £146. 1,030kg Limousin to £145. 1,060kg Simmental to £144. 850kg Limousin to £143. 1,020kg Aberdeen Angus to £143. 990kg Limousin to £139. 1,060kg Simmental to £137. 940kg Aberdeen Angus to £137. 1,080kg Charolais to £133. 910kg Simmental to £133.

FAT STEERS (overage): 670kg Limousin to £195. 630kg Limousin to £192. 590kg Charolais to £187. 560kg Simmental to £182. 570kg Limousin to £180. 930kg Hereford to £163. 740kg Holstein to £157. 820kg Holstein to £150. 780kg Friesian to £150. 660kg Friesian to £137. 590kg Friesian to £132. 560kg Friesian to £130.

FAT STEERS (underage): 560kg Aberdeen Angus to £203. 400kg Aberdeen Angus to £199. 620kg Belgian Blue to £198. 610kg Limousin to £196. 580kg Charolais to £186. 710kg Simmental to £177. 690kg Limousin to £176. 580kg Charolais to £174. 560kg Charolais to £172. 610kg Charolais to £170

FAT HEIFERS (underage): 580kg Charolais to £208. 530kg Limousin to £204. 540kg Limousin to £202. 570kg Limousin to £192. 460kg Limousin to £192. 630kg Charolais to £180. 630kg Hereford to £178. 560kg Aberdeen Angus to £173. 560kg Limousin to £170. Friesian heifers old from £138 to £147 per 100kg.

STORE BULLOCKS (226): A very good entry sold to a strong demand with a lot of quality lots on offer strong stores sold to £1,550 for a 750kg Charolais (£206), 770kg Charolais to £1,500, 750kg Charolais to £1,495, 780kg Limousin to £1,490, 770kg Charolais to £1,460 and 660kg Limousin to £1,435 for T McGleenan, Dungannon. M Campbell, Armagh sold £1,480 and 680kg Blonde D’Aquitaine to £1,435. P Quinn, Dungannon 710kg Limousin to £1,480. A McCrory, Lisnaskea 710kg Aberdeen Angus to £1,470. T A Willis, Dungannon 720kg Blonde D’Aquitaine to £1,465, 710kg Limousin to £1,455, and 650kg Limousin to £1,450. E Morton, Armagh 700kg Limousin to £1,440. Clogher producer 730kg Charolais to £1,435.

MED WEIGHTS 410KG TO 500KG: M McGirr, Tempo 500kg Limousin to £1,095, 490kg Aberdeen Angus to £1,090 and 480kg Charolais to £990. E Corr, Stewartstown 500kg Aberdeen Angus to £990. T Quinn, Coalisland 490kg Limousin to £930. R Mayers, Tempo 500kg Limousin to £930 and 470kg Aberdeen Angus to £820. F Robinson, Ballygawley 460kg Limousin to £905. P Cairns, Sion Mills 490kg Limousin to £900 and 420kg Limousin to £900. J Kelly, Sion Mills 450kg Limousin to £850. A Alexander, Augher 490kg Friesian to £830. D and S McMaugh, Eskra 470kg Charolais to £825. P McGleenan, Armagh 460kg Limousin to £820.

STORE HEIFERS (242): A large entry sold easily to a very keen demand with forward lots selling to £1,385 for a 660kg Limousin (£210), £1,360 for a 600kg Charolais (£226), £1,315 for a 660kg Charolais and £1,300 for 600kg Charolais to J J Hobson, Dungannon. P F Quinn, Dungannon 640kg Charolais to £1,370. F Flynn, Newtownbutler 620kg Charolais to £1,295, 630kg Charolais to £1,285, 600kg Charolais to £1,285 twice, 630kg Charolais to £1280 and 590kg Charolais to £1,265. E Graham, Tynan 610kg Charolais to £1,330, 600kg Charolais to £1,295 and 590kg Charolais to £1,270. G and M Daly, Dungannon 590kg Charolais to £1,290. G Brodison, Stewartstown 580kg Limousin to £1,275. H McNicholl, Greysteel 610kg Aberdeen Angus to £1,275. P J Kelly, Ballygawley 620kg Charolais to £1,270. P L Haugh, Birches 590kg Charolais to £1,255 and 590kg Charolais to £1,250.

MED WEIGHTS 410KG TO 500KG: H McClure, Fivemiletown 470kg Charolais to £1,175, 480kg Charolais to £1,040, 490kg Charolais to £1,030, 470kg Charolais to £1,015, 470kg Charolais to £1,005, 450kg Charolais to £980 and 450kg Charolais to £950. B West, Newtownbutler 490kg Limousin to £1,100, 430kg Charolais to £945 and 470kg Limousin to £930. H Macauley, Ballyclare 500kg Charolais to £1,065. P J Kelly, Ballygawley 500kg Charolais to £1,060. A T Fiddis, Derrygonnelly 480kg Charolais to £1,055. B Latimer, Trillick 500kg Charolais to £1,050 and 480kg Charolais to £1,000. P J Corrigan, Dungannon 480kg Charolais to £1,040.

SMALLER SORTS 400KG & UNDER: B West, Newtownbutler 390kg Charolais to £885. Middletown producer 380kg Limousin to £885, 390kg Charolais to £880, 370kg Limousin to £745 and 330kg Limousin to £675. R Allen, Armagh 390kg Charolais to £850 and 340kg Charolais to £800. D J Doherty, Enniskillen 350kg Charolais to £815, 380kg Blonde D’Aquitaine to £810 and 360kg Limousin to £660. S Crawford, Maguiresbridge 380kg Limousin to £780 and 350kg British Blue to £720. P and J Monaghan Bellanaleck 370kg Limousin to £770.

WEANLINGS: A seasonal turnout sold to a good steady demand with steers and bulls selling to £1,050 for a 410kg Limousin to R Withers, Fivemiletown. A Beggan, Rosslea sold a 450kg Charolais to £1,045 and 370kg Charolais to £985. Francis Moane, Fivemiletown 360kg Limousin to £985. J A Little, Newtownbutler 400kg Charolais to £965 and 350kg Charolais to £915. S McAleer, Omagh 400kg Charolais to £960. J Hughes, Tassagh 490kg Aberdeen Angus to £950 and 450kg Aberdeen Angus to £900. P McGovern, Fivemiletown 330kg Charolais to £945, 330kg Charolais to £940, 310kg Limousin to £925 and 310kg Charolais to £905. Trevor Smyth, Dromore 370kg Charolais to £945. B Murray, Derrylin 380kg Charolais to £940. M McNally, Portadown 400kg Charolais to £920. F McConville, Ballygawley 460kg Limousin to £920 and 210kg Limousin to £920. V McCrystal, Ballygawley 350kg Charolais to £900. M McCrystal, Ballygawley 410kg Saler to £895.

WEANLING HEIFERS: K McCrory, Sixmilecross 420kg Limousin to £1,075 and 450kg Limousin to £975. A Beggan, Rosslea 480kg Charolais to £1,065 and 460kg Charolais to £940. H McClure, Fivemiletown 480kg Charolais to £1,065, 410kg Charolais to £910, 420kg Charolais to £890, 390kg Limousin to £865 and 370kg Charolais to £840. V McCrystal, Ballygawley 420kg Charolais to £905 and 380kg Charolais to £890. C Rafferty, Ballygawley 380kg Limousin to £790. S McAleer, Omagh 330kg Charolais to £765. R Withers, Fivemiletown 370kg Limousn to £765. Geo Cullen, Coalisland 330kg Charolais to £750.

DAIRY COWS & HEIFERS: There was a large entry this week with a good steady demand recorded. Barry McStravick, Aghagallon sold a calved heifers to £1,660 and £1,400. R Givans, Dungannon £1,600 and £1,450 for calved heifers. Sean Mullan, Beragh £1,450 twice for calved cows. W J McCreery, Castlederg for calved heifer. E Smith, Ballygawley £1,400 twice for calved heifers. Jim Mohan, Lisnakea £1,310 for calved heifer. Lots of others sold from £900 to £1,290. Springing heifers sold to £1,100, £1,080, £1,000, £970 twice. A large selection of maiden heifers sold from £690 to £790 for stronger ones with smaller ones selling selling from £435 to £555 and ones just off milk selling from £325 to £390.

BREEDING BULLS: Owen Callaghan £1,375 for pedigree registered Limousin.

SUCKLER COWS & CALVES: A large entry sold to a brisk demand for quality lots with Eamon O’Neill, Dungannon selling a heifer and bull calf to £1,890. Roly Hadden, Dungannon sold a heifer and bull calf to £1,780 and a heifer and heifer calf to £1,400. G Mullholland, Crumlin £1,510 for 09 cow and bull calf and £1,225 for 06 cow and bull calf. P McDonald, Tempo £1,420 for heifer and bull calf, £1,380 for heifer and bull calf, £1,375 for heifer and heifer calf, £1,280 twice and £1,240 for cows with bull calves. Geo Wallace, Florencecourt £1,340 for 2012 cow and bull calf, £1,270 for 05 cow and bull calf, £1,260 for 04 cow and heifer calf and £1,200 for 2011 cow and heifer calf. M McNally, Portadown £1,300 for heifer and bull calf. Several other outfits sold from £880 to £1,180. Incalf heifers sold to £1,180.

DROPPED CALVES & REARED CALVES: Large numbers this week sold readily with bull calves (under two months) selling to £530 for a Charolais to P A and J Grue, Lisnaskea. B McBride, Trillick £490 for Charolais and £430 for Limousin. Mountview Cattle, Dungannon £475 for Limousin. Aughnacloy producer £475 for Charolais £460 for Limousin. Clogher producer £470 for Limousin. William Wilson, Dungannon £440 and £425 for Limousin. B T Gardiner, Tempo £415 for Aberdeen Angus. J McCrystal, Ballygawley £405 for Limousin.

HEIFERS: B McBride, Trillick £410 and £405 for Limousins. J McCrystal, Ballygawley £405 for Limousin. I Gillespie, Ballygawley £385 for Limousin. J R Hunter, Maguiresbridge £385 for Limousin. Aughnacloy producer £380, £375 and £370 for Charolais. Clogher producer £370, £365 and £355 for Limousin.

REARED BULLS: T Simpson, Ederney £655 for Charolais. G Smyton, Fivemiletown £650 for Charolais. Mountview Cattle, Dungannon £600 for Limousin and £485 for Simmental. H Elliott, Derrygonnelly £600 for Charolais. William Wilson, Dungannon £600 and £500 for Limousins. P D McGartland, Dungannon £550 for Blonde D’Aquitaine and £495 for Limousin. I Eagleson, Aughnacloy £550 for Blonde D’Aquitaine. Y and H Cunningham, Fivemiletown £545 for Hereford. B McGartland, Dungannon £545 for Blonde D’Aquitaine. J McCrystal, Ballygawley £525 for Limousin. Fintona producer £495 for Aberdeen Angus.

REARED HEIFERS: Lisbellaw producer £745 for Shorthorn beef £600 for Charolais and £585 for Simmenntal. William Wilson, Dungannon £600 for Belgian Blue and £520 for Charolais. C McNeill, Ballygawley £580 for Limousin and £580 for Aberdeen Angus. Augher producer £580 for Charolais. B McGartland, Dungannon £580, £530 and £505 for Blonde D’Aquitaines. J F Doran, Pomeroy £550 for Simmental. M and P Gleeson, Lisnaskea £520 for Charolais. Fintona producer £495 twice for Aberdeen Angus.