Big entry of cattle at Rathfriland Co-Op

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Every pen was filled to capacity on Friday (May 4th) with another excellent trade.

Almost 200 head of weanlings sold to £900 for a 314k Charolais male.

Other lots from this Rathfriland farm sold from £855 to £895.

Fat cows sold to £1,270 for a 690k Limousin from Kilkeel.

Bullocks cleared up to £1,125 for a 524k Aberdeen Angus from Dromara.

71 heifers sold to £1,215 for a 660k Belgian Blue from Leitrim, Kilkeel.

Several farmers sold heifers at over £1,000 each.

Dropped calves cleared up to £590 for a strong Simmental bull from Banbridge.

A Rathfriland farmer sold a Simmental heifer at £335.


Banbridge farmer: Simmental bull £590. Rathfriland farmer: Simmental heifers £335 and £300. Seaforde farmer: Limousin heifer £320. Castlewellan farmer: Aberdeen Angus bulls £305 and Aberdeen Angus heifer £340. Ballyroney farmer: 2 Limousin bulls £305 and £300. Seaforde farmer: Limousin heifer £320, Aberdeen Angus bull £250. Aughnaskeagh farmer: Fleckvieh bull £280. Creevy farmer: Belgian Blue bull £265. Magherabeg farmer: Hereford heifer £250. Ballynahinch farmer: Aberdeen Angus heifer £250. Cabra farmer: Friesian bulls £255 and £200.


Rathfriland farmer: 314k at £900, 358k at £895, 358k at £890, 330k at £870, 330k at £855, 328k at £855, 308k at £840. Banbridge farmer: 300k at £850, 300k at £840, 250k at £630, 292k at £730. Dundrum farmer: 328k at £730. Ballyveamore farmer: 378k at £670, 324k at £655. Castlewellan farmer: 274k at £660. Legananny farmer: 280k at £590. Ballynahinch farmer: 282k at £590.


Leitrim farmer: 662k at £1,215, 506k at £1,000. Shinn farmer: 532k at £1,110. Edenagarry farmer: 572k at £1,110, 532k at £1,015, 508k at £1,000. Loughbrickland farmer: 544k at £1,050, 566k at £1,050. Kilkeel farmer: 454k at £990, 456k at £985.


Dromara farmer: 524k at £1,125, 472k at £1,040, 480k at £1,050. Ballyroney farmer: 560k at £1,100, 550k at £1,090, 584k at £1,060. Rostrevor farmer: 462k at £1,040. Newry farmer: 438k at £1,030, 472k at £1,020. Banbridge farmer: 472k at £1,020.

An entry of 350 spring lambs sold to £126 and 580.6 pence per kilo for 21.7k from Mayobridge.

The top 10 lots sold from £121.50 to £126 each.

Another large entry of fat ewes cleared up to £105 for an Edenagarry farmer.

A small number of hoggets sold to £127 and 500p/k for 25k at £125 each.


Mayobridge farmer: 21.7k at £126. Enagh farmer: 25k at £125. Ballywillwill farmer: 25.5k at £125. Ballynamagna farmer: 22.8k at £124.50. Lisburn farmer: 25k at £123.50. Ballynahinch farmer: 24k at £123.50. Downpatrick farmer: 27.2k at £122. Minerstown farmer: 24.7k at £122. Kilcoo farmer: 22.3k at £122. Dysart farmer: 22.4k at £121.50.


Edenagarry farmer: £105. Ballynamagna farmer: £100. Ringbane farmer: £100. Spa farmer: £99. Enagh farmer: £95. Ballynahinch farmer: £91. Kilkeel farmer: £90. Castlewellan farmer: £90.