Breeding ewes sell to £145 at Gortin Mart

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Fat lambs sold to £93, fat ewes sold to £143 and breeding ewes sold to £145.

FAT LAMBS: J Wilkinson £92.50/31kg, Aaron Campbell £88.80/25kg, S McGlinchey £88/24kg, A McFarland £87.80/24kg, Thomas Dobson £87.50/26kg, Samuel Pauley £87/24kg, E Loughran £8680/24kg, T Crawford £86.50/24kg, P Burke £86/23kg, Thomas Dobson £85.20/24kg, E Martin £84.20/23kg, Norman McConnell £884/25kg, Graham Cooke £84, Gareth Boyd £83.80/23g, Gary Rankin £83.50/22kg, Gary Sproule £83/23kg, Pat McCrory £82/22kg, Richard Mowbray £81.80/22kg, Droan McElvey £81.50/22kg, W Patterson £81.20/22kg, Martin Brennan £81/23kg, Gary McDonald £81/24kg, Derek Kerr £8050/2kg and C Sproule £80/22kg.

FAT EWE: Gary Rankin £143, N McIlwaine £126, S Moore £123, £122, Adrain McKelvey £118, Aaron Campbell £114, P Burke £109, S Kelly £106, N McIlwaine £99, J Halcrow £98, Kieran McGrath £96, Richard Mowbray £90 and A McKelvey £73.

BREEDING HOGGETS: John Lowe £145, Steven Robinson £142, W Crawford £136, R and J Robinson £132, £130, £130, A Kerlin £130, £128, Steven Robinson £128, Eilleen McCaffrey £121, £120 and A Kerlin £120.