Bullock sells for £1,425 at Newtownstewart Mart

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Larger number of lambs and ewes on offer at the usual Friday morning sale sold as follows: L McFarland 27kgs, £92; S A Conway 25.5kgs, £91; W J Ballantine 26.8kgs, £91; D McIlwaine 25kgs, £91; 23.3kgs, £86.50; S Allison 24.3kgs, £90; C Gallagher 25.85kgs, £90; D Keatley 26.1kgs, £90; G McFarland 24.2kgs, £89; C McAskie 24.3kgs, £88; S Smyth 26kgs, £86; Peter McFarland 24.3kgs, £85.50 (Horned); Terence McNamee 23.2kgs, £84; D Love 23.23kgs, £83; D Quigley 22.4kgs, £79.50; P J McCullagh 22.25kgs, £76 and C F Kee 20.5kgs, £75.50.

Fat ewes sold up to £86.

The limited number of cattle on offer at the last of 2018 saw an Omagh farmer receiving £1,425 and £715 over £1 for a bullock while heifers sold to £455 over £1.

Fat cows sold to £1,090 and £152 per 100kgs.