Bullock sells to £1355 for 760kg at Lisahally

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Top trade this week in Lisahally as bullock made up to £1355/760kg, heifers £1530/700kg.

More stock needed to meet such a demanding trade.

BULLOCKS: Maurice Thompson £1355/760kg, R Killen £1200/600kg, £1110/59kg, £1100/560kg, Alan McMurray £1170/650kg, £1155/640kg, Matthew Blair £1110/550kg, Jeannie and Michael Flanagan £1080/500kg, £1030/480kg, £1025/510kg, £995/460kg, £950/490kg, £940/460kg, Maurice Thompson £1050/600kg, John Beattie £995/540kg, £965/560kg, £920/530kg, £900/500kg, £890/490kg, £875/500kg, Columba Feeney £940/500kg, £875/470kg, £875/520kg, Matthew Blair £870/440kg.

HEIFERS: Donald Sayers £1530/700kg, £1480/790kg, £1400/700kg, C Moore £1200/720kg, £1090/510kg, F Jeffers £990/420kg, £970/400kg, W Thompson £950/600kg,Maurice Thompson £865/460kg, John Beattie £855/460kg, £820/500kg, Ultan Devine £600/370kg.

Fat lambs sell to £83, store lambs £68.20, fat ewes £91 and breeding ewes £115 in Tuesday’s sale.

FAT LAMBS: Fergal Gormley £83/27kg, Andrew McKinley £82.50/26kg, Norman McFarland £8250/26kg, James McClelland £81/24kg, Alan McMurray £81/24kg, Christopher McCrea £79.50/24kg, Robert Blackburn £78.50/24kg, Cecilia O’Kane £77.50/22kg, D Buchanan £73/26kg, Norman Thompson £70.80/22kg.

STORE LAMBS: John Logue £68.20, Cecilia OKane £68, Christopher McCrea £65, David Smyth £61.50, Norman McFarland £61, Fairmount Farms £60, £59.50.

FAT EWES: James McClelland £91, Robert Hamilton £80.50, Robert Quigley £76, Alaistair McAneney £70, Richard Fulton £65.

BREEDING EWES: James Donaldson £115, £100 Michael McAneney £110, £102.