Bullock store sells to £1,490 at Clogher Mart

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An increased entry to 1,223 cattle came under the hammer at Clogher Mart last week as trade continued strong for quality lots in all sections.

In the fatstock ring cow heifers sold to £193 for a 580kg Lim, £184 for a 590kg Lim, £161 for a 460kg Lim.

Beef cows sold to £186 for a 670kg Lim, £184 for a 660kg Lim and 182 for a 590kg Ch.

LEADING PRICES: Cooneen producer 580kg Lim to £193. Omagh producer 670kg Lim to £186. Plumbridge producer 590kg Lim to £184. Castlederg producer 660kg Lim to £184. Fermanagh producer 590kg Ch to £182. Irvinestown producer 460kg Lim to £181. Fermanagh producer 610kg Her to £178. Clogher producer 580kg AA to £173. Plumbridge producer 670kg Lim to £173. Omagh producer 640kg Ch to £173 and 660kg Lim to £167. Clabby producer 520kg Lim to £171. Belleek producer 640kg Ch to £170. Clogher producer 730kg Lim to £169. Fivemiletown producer 670kg Lim to £168. Clogher producer 540kg Ch to £167. Dungannon producer 600kg Ch to £167. Derrylin producer 640kg B/B to £164. Lurgan producer 490kg Her to £163.

Other quality lots sold from £135 to £161 per 100kg.

Second quality lots sold from £112 to £132 per 100kg.

Well fleshed Friesian cows sold from £113 to £119 per 100kg.

Plainer lots sold from £84 to £106 per 100kg.

Poorer types sold from £58 to £77 per 100kg.

FAT BULLS: 730kg Ayr to £141. 1,050kg Ch to £128. 930kg Ch to £121. 820kg AA to £118. 1,000kg AA to £117. 810kg Lim to £116. 820kg Lim to £111. 940kg Ch to £105. 760kg Friesian to £97.

FAT STEERS (overage): 680kg Ch to £184. 610kg Ch to £182. 590kg Lim to £177. 630kg Lim to £174. 600kg Sim to £170. 540kg Ch to £166. 560kg AA to £157. 530kg AA to £147. 800kg Hol to £117.

FAT STEERS (underage): 730kg Ch to £188. 570kg Fkv to £175. 730kg AA to £174. 620kg Friesian to £174. 610kg AA to £174. 610kg Shd to £171. 590kg Fkv to £170. 620kg Sim to £166. 650kg Shd to £160. 630kg Friesian to £146. 560kg Friesian to £136.

FAT HEIFERS (underage): 620kg Sim to £192. 560kg Ch to £187. 590kg Lim to £185. 610kg Lim to £181. 620kg Ch to £179. 530kg Lim to £174. 540kg Lim to £172. 580kg S/H to £155. 490kg Friesian to £146. 510kg AA to £144. 490kg Hol to £138. 470kg Hol to £137.

STORE BULLOCKS: A very keen demand in this section with strong stores selling to £1,490 for a 780kg Ch and £1,460 for a 710kg Lim to A Holland, Dungannon. K Brown, Lisburn sold 700kg Lim to £1,455, 720kg Lim to £1,450, 670kg Sim to £1,405, 660kg Lim to £1,385, 590kg Lim to £1,380, 710kg Lim to £1,355, 600kg Lim to £1,355, 750kg Lim to £1,325 and 590kg Lim to £1,320. Wm Reynolds, Aghalane 690kg Ch to £1400. Wm Smyton, Fintona 660kg Ch to £1,390, 700kg Ch to £1,390 and 630kg Ch to £1,335. E McCaffery, Tempo 660kg Ch to £1,355. T Cassidy, Augher 670kg Ch to £1,350. P Tally, Dungannon 650kg Lim to £1,340 and 670kg Lim to £1,325.

MED WEIGHT STORES 410KG TO 500KG: P Shevlin, Clogher 480kg Ch to £1,130, D McCool, Dungannon 500kg Ch to £1,120, 490kg Ch to £1,040 and 500kg Sim to £1,035. L Mavitty, Enniskillen 500kg Ch to £1,120. W Cairns, Aghalee 420kg Sim to £1,065. C Williamson, Portadown 480kg Lim to £1,060. C I Clements, Gortaclare 500kg AA to £1,045. D Murphy, Rosslea 470kg Ch to £1,030. C McCardle, Middletown 460kg Lim to £1,000 and 460kg Lim to £995. S J Menary, Ballygawley 490kg Lim to £990. S Mohan, Fivemiletown 440kg Ch to £975 and 430kg AA to £960. J F McElroy, Fivemiletown 440kg AA to £970. S McAloon, Rosslea 460kg Ch to £960. N K Johnston, Clogher 440kg Her to £960. M Harper, Omagh 430kg Ch to £955. E and P Hughes, Augher 420kg Her to £945. D Mooney, Ballinderry 430kg Ch to £945.

STORE HEIFERS: Another large entry sold readily to a good steady demand with forward lots selling to £1,370 for a 680kg Ch, £1,340 for a 650kg Ch £1,185 for a 590kg Ch and £1,175 for a 620kg Ch to F Flynn, Newtownbutler. J Mullan, Dungannon sold 720kg Ch to £1,350, 670kg Lim to £1,235 and 600kg Lim to £1,190. J Kirkpatrick, Clabby 610kg Ch to £1,290. M Magee, Eskra 590kg Ch to £1,285 and 620kg Lim to £1,265. P Shevlin, Clogher 620kg Ch to £1,275. A Williamson, Newtownbutler 570kg Ch to £1,225. T Gorman, Ballygawley 630kg Ch to £1,215. K Henry, Sandholes 610kg Ch to £1,205 and 600kg B/B to £1,180. M and R Coulter, Fivemiletown 570kg Ch to £1,195 and 550kg Ch to £1,180. J Irwin, Clogher 580kg Sim to £1,165.

MED WEIGHT STORES 410KG TO 500KG: M and R Coulter, Fivemiletown 490kg Ch to £1,130. K Henry, Sandholes 470kg Ch to £1,105 and 450kg Lim to £1,010. A Williamson, Newtownbutler 480kg Ch to £1,080 and 490kg Ch to £1,045. J Crawford, Maguiresbridge 450kg Ch to £1,070. J Watson, Portadown 490kg Ch to £1,055 and 480kg Ch to £1,045. Walter Boyd, Clogher 470kg Ch to £1,055. C Gunn, Derrylin 450kg Ch to £1,055. R Hadden, Dungannon 470kg Lim to £1,050, 500kg Lim to £1,030 and 440kg Lim to £950. P Shevlin, Clogher 460kg Ch to £1,030. Mountview Cattle, Dungannon 470kg Sim to £1,015. W Cairns, Aghalee 470kg Sim to £980 Gortavoy Farms, Pomeroy 450kg Lim to £975.

SMALLER SORTS 400KG & UNDER: Leo Donnelly, Dungannon 390kg Lim to £910. P Campbell, Coalisland 370kg Ch to £830, 360kg Lim to £800, 390kg Ch to £760. Clogher producer 380kg Lim to £720, 380kg Her to £700. J Fox, Armagh 390kg B/B to £700. P McManus, Brookeborough 370kg AA to £695, 380kg AA to £680 and 340kg Ch to £590. N K Johnston, Clogher 390kg Lim to £660. T Hughes, Ballygawley 360kg Sim to £600.

WEANLINGS: A large entry of 364 on offer sold to a very sharp demand with steers and bulls selling to £1,150 for a 580kg Ch and 460kg Ch to £940 for S Mellon, Fintona. C McDonnell, Brookeborough 470kg Ch to £1,085. W Corrigan, Dungannon 500kg Ch to £1,060. Conor Fee, Tempo 440kg Ch to £1,045, 450kg Lim to £935, 470kg Ch to £920 and 410kg Lim to £900. P McConnell, Clogher 510kg Ch to £1,025. M Boyle, Cooneen 430kg Lim to £1,025 and 410kg Lim to £955. R J Hughes, Coalisland 410kg Ch to £975 and 380kg Ch to £935. N and S Hunter, Clogher 430kg Lim to £955. J McGrath, Omagh 400kg S/H to £940. P McBrien, Lisnaskea 390kg Ch to £935. R C Giles, SMX 460kg Sim to £920. J Rooney, Cooneen 370kg Lim to £910. H T Turbitt, Ballygawley 390kg Ch to £910. S Smyth, Rosslea 380kg Ch to £910.

WEANLING HEIFERS: Martin Daly, Cookstown 420kg Lim to £940 and 370kg Lim to £880. J Carrothers, Fivemiletown 410kg Lim to £900, 430kg Lim to £875 and 380kg Ch to £845. M Gormley, SMX 380kg Ch to £890 380kg Ch to £875 . G Aiken, Kesh 390kg Lim to £885. T J Aiken, Kesh 350kg Lim to £870, 370kg Ch to £860. D Little, Caledon 380kg Ch to £855. P McBrien, Lisnaskea 420kg Ch to £845. M G Donnelly, Augher 360kg Ch to £840. J M McGovern, Clogher 370kg Ch to £840. B McClean, Carrickmore 420kg Sim to £835. Pomeroy producer 360kg Lims to £825 twice. E Kelly, Augher 270kg Ch to £820.


A good entry this week again sold to a keen demand especially for quality lots with M McGirr, Trillick selling a calved heifer to £1,610 and a selection of calved cows from £960 to £1,090. P J McKenna, Clogher £1,460 for calved heifer. M W Watters, Aughnacloy £1,300 for second calver and £1,180 for calved cow. M Connelly, Rosslea £1260 for calved heifer. T A Watson, Sandholes £1,205 for springing heifer and £1,170 for springing cow. A selection of maiden heifers sold from £510 to £735 for a Fintona producer.

SUCKLER COWS & CALVES: Another full house sold to a brisk demand with P T Daly, Dungannon selling a 2013 cow and bull calf to £1,815, an 09 cow and bull calf to £1,560 and £1,350 for 08 cow and bull calf. G Robinson, Fintona £1,640 and £1,605 for heifers with heifer calves and £1,400 for heifer and bull calf. Ed McCann, Fintona £1580 for heifer and bull calf £1,500 and £1,450 for heifers with heifer calves. C Cooke, Co Londonderry £1,500 for heifer and bull calf. B Doonan, Kinawley £1,490 for second calver and bull calf. E McKenna, Fivemiletown £1,420 for secon calver and bull calf. B Reihill, Lisnaskea £1,405 for 2012 cow and heifer calf. M/S W J and D Fee, Brookeborough £1,325 and £1,230 for second calvers with bull calves. M McCardle, Derrynoose, Armagh £1,290 for cow with bull calf. Lots of other outfits sold from £940 to £1,200.

INCALF HEIFERS: M J McCAFFERY £1,330. J McGeough £1,085 and £985.

Special entry on Saturday 10 March, 15 P/B non registered Lim and Par heifers with strong calves at foot.

Thursday, evening, 25th March at 7.30pm, sale of 50 top quality heifers in calf to pedigree registered Limousin bull (due from sale night onwards watch press for details).

DROPPED CALVES & REARED CALVES: There was a large entry in this section with bull calves (under two months) selling to £340 for a B/B and £340 for a BRB to a Lisbellaw producer. A Maguire, Lisbellaw £325 for Lim. A C Lunny, Aghalane £320 for BRB and £285 for AA. M Breen, Tempo 310kg for AA and £292 for B/B. P and J Grue, Lisnaskea £305 for Ch. E Bell, Newtownbutler £290 for Lim.

HEIFERS: M J and G Ward, Sixmilecross £425 for Ch. M/S J and J Mulligan, Fivemiletown £360 for Lim. S J Kelly, Dungannon £320 for AA. G Hanna, Irvinestown £320 for Sim. B Corrigan, Rosslea £310 and £250 for Lims. M/S P A and J Grue, Lisnaskea £300 and £260 for Chars.

REARED BULLS: G McCaughey, Clogher £720 for Sim and £660 for Lim. N Thornton, Bellanaleck £700, £610, £580 and £560 for Chars. Wm Wilson, Dungannon £700 for Lim. P McGuigan, Donaghmore £700 for B/B. Mary Owens, Maguiresbridge £690 for Sim. S P Thornton, Thompsons Bridge £620 for Ch and £470 for S/H. H Williamson, Fivemiletown 620 for Lim and £605 for Sim. E Smyth, Keady £600 for Lim.

REARED HEIFERS: Kesh producer £700, £605, £580, £540 for Lims £630 for Sim and £610 for Ch. M C McGovern, Newtownbutler £615 for Lim. P J McMenamin, Drumquin £600 twice for Herefords. N Thornton, Bellanaleck £590 for Ch. J McAleer, Rosslea £575 and £535 for Lims. J McCaffery, Kinawley £560 for AA. M/S V and J Boyle, Rosslea £550 for Lim. D Thornton, Kinawley £530 for Ch.