Bullocks peak at £1,200 for 660kg at Downpatrick Mart

Downpatrick Mart
Downpatrick Mart

At the Monday night cattle sale on 12th March 2018, there was a good entry of quality cattle.

In the heavy weight category bullocks peaked per head at £1,200 for 660kg Aberdeen Angus (£1.82ppk) with heifers at £1,075 for 520kg Charolais (2.07ppk).

Good quality light weight stores were in strong demand with time of year, selling from £1.94ppk to £2.61ppk.

Leading prices in all categories as follows:

Bullocks 500kg plus

Ardglass farmer 660kg Aberdeen Angus £1,200 (1.82ppk), Coniamstown farmer 548kg Montbeliarde £1,000 (1.82ppk), Downpatrick farmer 614kg Montbeliarde £1,085 (1.77ppk), 504kg Belgian Blue £885 (1.76kg), 544kg Belgian Blue £920 (1.70ppk), Coniamstown farmer 502kg Montbeliarde £860 (1.71ppk), 524kg Montbeliarde £870 (1.66ppk), 518kg Montbeliarde £795 (1.53ppk) and 664kg Montbeliarde £1,020 (1.54ppk).

Bullocks 200-499kg

Magheramayo farmer 316kg Charolais £825 (2.61ppk), 264kg Charolais £680 (2.58ppk), Annacloy farmer 310kg Limousin £815 (2.38ppk), 238kg Charolais £690 (2.38ppk), 338kg Belgian Blue £805 (2.38ppk), 324kg Limousin £765kg (2.36ppk), Aberdeen Angus £520 (2.26ppk), 282kg Charolais £630 (2.23ppk), Kilclief farmer 256kg Belgian Blue £650 (2.54ppk), 286kg Belgian Blue £640 (2.24pk), Coniamstown farmer 488kg Charolais £1,090 (2.23ppk), 452kg Limousin £970 (2.15ppk), Ballygallum farmer 472kg Charolais £970 (2.06ppk), Coniamstown farmer 488kg Charolais £1,070 (2.19ppk), Ballykinlar farmer 410kg Limousin £845 (2.05ppk), 376kg Limousin £840 (2.12ppk), 394kg Limousin £820 (2.08ppk), Magheramayo farmer 432kg Charolais £840 (1.94ppk), 296kg Limousin £550 (1.86ppk), 260kg Hereford £440 (1.69ppk), Coniamstown farmer 524kg Montbeliarde £870 (1.66ppk), Kilclief farmer 292kg Friesian £480 (1.64ppk), 308kg Hereford £500 (1.62ppk) and Kilclief farmer 358kg Friesian £540 (1.51ppk).

Heifers 500 plus

Ballygullam farmer 520kg Charolais £1,075 (2.07ppk), Annacloy farmer 274kg Limousin £560 (2.04ppk), Ardglass farmer 615kg Aberdeen Angus £1,170 (1.90ppk), 526kg Aberdeen Angus £955 (1.82ppk) and 526kg Aberdeen Angus £890 (1.69ppk).

Heifers 200-499kg

Ballygallum farmer 464kg Charolais £880 (2.11ppk), Castlescreen farmer 464kg Blonde d'Aquitaine £970 (2.09ppk), Castlescreen farmer 394kg Aberdeen Angus £760 (1.93ppk), 434kg Blonde d'Aquitaine £790 (1.82ppk) and 474kg Blonde d'Aquitaine £860 (1.81ppk).

At the sheep sale on Saturday 10th March there was a strong demand for Hoggets which sold to £127 and fat ewes to £115.00. Lighter weight lambs sold to £4.00ppk

Leading prices in all categories as follows:


Annalong farmer 29kg, £127.00, Castlewellan farmer 28kg, £124.00, Ballyrolly farmer 26kg, £120.00, Downpatrick farmer 27kg, £120.00, Annacloy farmer 27kg, £120.00, Annalong farmer 28kg, £120.00, Killough farmer 27kg, £118.00, Ballykinlar farmer 28kg, £117.50, Ballygowan farmer 25kg, £117.00, Ballygowan farmer 25kg, £116.00, Ardglass farmer 24kg, £116.00, Ardglass farmer 27kg, £115.00, Kilkeel farmer 24kg, £114.00, Ballyalton farmer 25kg, £114.00, Ballydonety farmer 24kg, £112.00, Downpatrick farmer 22kg, £110.00, Downpatrick farmer 23kg, £110.00, Castlewellan farmer 23kg, £110.00, Annacloy farmer 23kg, £109.50, Downpatrick farmer 22kg, £108.00, Killinchy farmer 23kg, £107.00, Woodgrange farmer 22kg, £105.00, Ardglass farmer 23kg, £105.00, Tullymurray farmer 22kg, £102.00, Ballykilbeg farmer 21kg, £99.00, Glassdrummond farmer 20kg, £93.00, Ballykinlar farmer 21kg, £93.00, Ballyculter farmer 19kg, £85.00, Crossgar farmer 18kg, £84.50 and Castlewellan farmer 15kg, £66.00.


Ballynahinch farmer £115, Annalong farmer £111.00, Kilkeel farmer £108.00, Ballydugan farmer £96.50, £90.00, Annalong farmer £87, Kilkeel farmer £85.00, Ardglass farmer £80.00, Clough farmer £80.00, Kilkeel farmer £78.00 and Lisburn farmer £72.00 and £70.00.

At the sheep sale on Saturday 24th March trade remains very strong for all type of sheep.

Fat lambs sold to £126.00, hoggetts to £123.00, fat ewes to £92.00 and light weight lambs to £4.44ppk.

Leading prices in all categories as follows:


Ballyhossett 24kg £126.00, Downpatrick farmer 20kg £105.00 and Bonecastle farmer 21kg £98.00.


Downpatrick farmer 28kg, £123.00, Tobermoney farmer 27kg, £116.00, Ballyhossett farmer 26kg, £115.75, Bsallynahinch farmer 27kg, £115.00, Killyleagh farmer 26kg, £114.50, Ballydugan farmer 23kg, £113.00, Ardglass farmer 24kg, £111.50, Ballee farmer 23kg, £110.50, Crossgar farmer 34kg, £110.00, Killough farmer 24kg, £110.00, Ardglass farmer 22kg, £105.50, Moneydarragh farmer 22kg, £105.00, Maghersaul farmer 23kg, £104.50, Woodgrange farmer 21kg, £103.50, Annalong farmer 23kg, £103.50, Ballydonety farmer 21kg, £102.00, Glassdrumann farmer 22kg, £101.00, Ballyhornan farmer 24kg, £101.00, Woodgrange farmer 21kg, £100.50, Annalong farmer 25kg, £100.00, Ballykilbeg farmer 21kg £99.00, Lisburn farmer 20kg, £98.00, Downpatrick farmer 21kg, £97.00, Ballyculter farmer 21kg, £96.00, Downpatrick farmer 22kg, £96.00, Downpatrick farmer 23kg, £95.00, Ballynahinch farmer 22kg, £85.00 and Lisburn farmer 18kg, £80.00.


Newry farmer £92.00, Ballyculter farmer £91.50, Ballee farmer £90.00, Ballyhossett farmer £90.00, Dundrum farmer £85.00, Tullymurray farmer £85.00, Kilkeel farmer £80.00, Ballykilbeg farmer £79.00, Newry farmer £77.00, Seaforde farmer £77.00, Ballynoe farmer £75.00, Crossgar farmer £74.00, Ballydugan farmer £73.00, Ballyculter farmer £70.00, Saintfield farmer £70.00, Crossgar farmer £70, Downpatrick farmer £65.00 and Ballynahinch farmer £65.00.


Killough farmer £180 and £176, Ballyclander farmer £145 and Killough farmer £145.

At the Monday night cattle sale on the 26th March 2018, there was a good entry of quality cattle.

Heavy cattle peaked at £1,365.00 per head for a 732kg Limousin with the top price per kg of £2.14 paid for a 506kg Aberdeen Angus.

Light weight stores were in strong demand with time of year selling to a top price per kg of £2.56 for 250kg.

Leading prices in all categories as follows:

Bullocks 500kg plus

Downpatrick farmer 506kg Aberdeen Angus £1,085 (2.14ppk), Bright farmer 502kg Simmental £1,055 (2.10ppk), Strangford farmer 520kg Charolais £1,080 (2.08kg), Dromara farmer 518kg Limousin £1,070 (2.07ppk), Clough farmer 628kg Charolais £1,260 (2.01ppk), Drumroe 528kg Charolais £1,050 (1.99ppk), 558kg Charolais £1,105 (1.98ppk), Ballynoe farmer 610kg Shorthorn beef £1,200 (1.97ppk), Clough farmer 590kg Charolais £1,155 (1.96ppk), Castlewellan farmer 530kg Limousin £470 (1.93ppk), Clough farmer 672kg Charolais £1,285 (1.91ppk), Castlewellan farmer 514kg Limousin £980 (1.90ppk), Clough farmer 558kg Charolais £1,050 (1.88ppk) and Strangford farmer 732kg Limousin £1,365 (1.86ppk).

BULLOCKS 200-499kg

Glassdrummond farmer 250kg Aberdeen Angus £640 (2.56ppk), Erinagh farmer 332kg Charolais £845 (2.55ppk), Annalong farmer 202kg Limousin £510 (2.53ppk), Annalong farmer 380kg Simmental £950 (2.50ppk), Kilkeel farmer 310kg Charolais £770 (2.48ppk), Newry farmer 172kg Limousin £420 (2.44ppk), Newcastle farmer 330kg Limousin £805 (2.44ppk), Ballynahinch farmer 272kg Belgian Blue £660 (2.43ppk), Glassdrummon farmer 318kg Limousin £760 (2.39ppk), 308kg Charolais £725 (2.35ppk), Erenagh farmer 370kg Charolais £865 (2.33ppk), Tobercorran farmer 402kg Charolais £935 (2.33ppk), Erenagh farmer 334kg Charolais £775 (2.32ppk), Tobercorran farmer 368kg Charolais £850 (2.31ppk), Tollymore farmer 374kg Limousin £860 (2.30ppk), 370kg Limousin £850 (2.30ppk), Newry farmer 270kg Aberdeen Angus £620 (2.30ppk), Downpatrick farmer 378kg Charolais £840 (2.22ppk), Ballygullam farmer 342kg Charolais £760 (2.22ppk), Ballygullam farmer 476kg, £1,045 (2.20ppk), Annalong farmer 394kg Limousin £865 (2.20ppk), Ballyward farmer 400kg, £620 (2.18ppk), Tobercorran farmer 364kg Charolais £795 (2.18ppk), Clough farmer 490kg Charolais £1,055 (2.15ppk), Tobercorran farmer 454kg, £970 (2.14ppk), Erenagh farmer 366kg Charolais £780 (2.13ppk), Ballyward farmer 396kg, £840 (2.12ppk), Newry farmer 302kg Limousin £640 (2.12ppk), Ballygallum farmer 410kg, £865 (2.11ppk), Annalong farmer 380kg Limousin £800 (2.11ppk), Newry farmer 276kg, £580 (2.10ppk), Erenagh farmer Charolais £710 (2.10ppk), Loughinisland farmer 476kg Charolais £960 (2.11ppk), Loughinisland farmer 460kg Limousin £895 (1.95ppk) and 448kg Simmental £850 (1.90ppk).

HEIFERS 200 – 600kg

Annalong farmer 272kg Limousin £600 (2.21ppk), Ballyward farmer 330kg Limousin £710 (2.15ppk), Newcastle farmer 368kg Limousin £790 (2.15ppk), Annalong farmer 378kg Limousin £805 (2.13ppk), Tobercorran farmer 406kg Charolais £364 (2.12ppk), Erenagh farmer 318kg Charolais £670 (2.11ppk), 340kg Charolais £710 (2.09ppk), 332kg Limousin £690 (2.08ppk), Corbally farmer 452kg Simmental £930 (2.06ppk), Ballydonety farmer 584kg Limousin £1,175 (2.01ppk), Downpatrick farmer 320kg Limousin £635 (1.98ppk), Tobercorran farmer 336kg Charolais £660 (1.96ppk), 370kg Charolais £725 (1.96ppk), Ballynahinch farmer 332kg Charolais £650 (1.96ppk), Ballydonety farmer 586kg Limousin £1,145 (1.95ppk), Ballygullam farmer 400kg Charolais £780 (1.95ppk), Legamaddy farmer 492kg Limousin £955 (1.94ppk), Newcastle farmer 374kg Limousin £725 (1.94ppk), Erenagh farmer 370kg, £710 (1.92ppk), Downpatrick farmer 458kg Charolais £875 (1.91ppk), Tobercorran farmer 372kg, £710 (1.91ppk), Annalong farmer 390kg Charolais £740 (1.90ppk) and 526kg Hereford £990 (1.88ppk).


Annacloy farmer 304kg Blonde d'Aquitaine £750 (2.47ppk), Kilkeel farmer 360kg Limousin £770 (2.14ppk) and 396kg Blonde d'Aquitaine £795 (2.10ppk).