Bullocks reach £1270 at Draperstown

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There were more top prices on Friday at Draperstown with bullocks reaching £1270/650kg, Heifers £1280/670kg, Weanings up to £880, Suckler Cows £1760 and Fat Cows £1267.50/750kg. An excellent entry of stock and buyers!

BULLOCKS: Elizabeth Kennedy £1270/650kg, £1205/610kg, J McKenna £1235/620kg, James Feeney £1230/600kg, £1195/570kg, £1180/570kg, Gareth Feeney £1230/590kg, £1185/580kg, £1180/550KG, £1155/560KG, £1150/570KG, Barry Devlin £1160/600kg, £1135/570kg, £1105/570kg, £1100/590kg, Stanley Watterson £1145/600kg, £1050/540kg, £1020/520kg, Gareth Feeney £1145/540kg, £1075/530kg, £1040/570kg, £1035/510kg, £980/520kg, Eamon McNally £1115/550kg, I Lees £1070/510kg, E Kennedy £1060/590KG, £1055/510KG, £1030/470kg, Richard Savage £1035/590kg, Robert Bryson £1015/560kg, Lewis Quinn £980/480kg, Francis Hughes £955/450kg, Cecil Bates £950/520kg,

HEIFERS: Patrick McGuire £1280/670kg, £1215/590kg, £1170/590kg, Vincent McCloskey £1235/590kg, £1005/490kg, Elizabeth Kennedy £1225/590kg,£1180/570kg, £1025/540kg, John McLaughlin £1085/500kg, James Feeney £960/510kg, Kevin Lowe £895/470kg, JJ Cavanagh £895/460kg, £875/440kg, £860/450kg, £855/480kg, £825/470kg, £815/470kg, £800/440kg, James Feeney £850/450kg, Kevin Lowe £830/410kg, Desmond Connolly £825/460kg, Alan Guy £800/420kg.

WEANLINGS MALE:Nigel Fields £880/420kg, £800/420kg, P Henry £730/420kg, Nigel McCloskey £660/370kg, £605/350kg, Robert Wilson £660/320kg, D Mawhinney £650/350kg, £600/330KG, G Bell £600/360kg, Nigel McCloskey £600/340kg, £600/320kg, £600/330kg, £590/300kg, P Heney £590/360kg, David ONeill £590/250kg, D Mawhinney £500/270kg.

SUCKLER COWS: Seamus McGuigan £1760, Richard Savage £1320, Peter Morris £1290, £1250, £1160, £1130, £1130, £1120, £1100, £1095, £1070, £1000, Mountview Cattle £1150, B Girvan £1060, £1040,B McCullagh £1060,

FAT COWS: Hugh Lennox £1267.50/750kg, £1201.20/770kg, £1145.40690kg, Seamus McCloskey £1121.80/790kg, James Wilson £1092/780kg, Hugh Lennox £1086.80/760kg, 1029.50/710KG, £1013.20/680KG, G Bell £1022/730kg, £1014.70/730kg, D Farrell £1008/720kg, C McVey £997.10/590kg, I Derby £995.40/630kg, Barry McKenna £99.80/680kg,£908.50/640kg, Oliver McKenna £991.80/570kg, S Jeffers £964.80/670kg, Hugh Lennox £940.80/640kg, P & A Miller £899/620kg, H Palmer £896.80/760kg, S Mullin £896/700kg.