Bullocks sell to £1025 and heifers to £1200 at Pomeroy Mart

Another very sharp trade on Thursday as cattle packed the yard.

Thursday, 17th October 2019, 3:01 pm

Bullocks sold to £1025/480kg and heifers sold to £1200.


George McLaren £1025/480kg, Brian Hamill £1015/510kg, £1000/520kg, Patrick Hamill £990/460kg, £960/500kg, £960/510kg, George McLaren £980/530kg, J Holland £975/470kg, Barry Holland £940kg, Brian Hamill £905/500kg, Danny McAleer £920/430kg, George McLaren £915/470kg, Patrick McKernan £900/440kg, £860/400kg, D £900/460kg, J Holland £890/480kg, Gordon and Mark Anderson £860/430kg, Frank Corr £860/460kg, Martin McNally £855/420kg, Danny McAleer £850/410kg, £845/410kg, P Hamill £840/530kg, Robert Boyd £840/440kg, Patrick McKernan £835/420kg, G and M Anderson £830/450kg, Frank Corr £825/410kg, M and B McCarroll £820/420kg, P McElduff £815/440kg, £800/450kg and S Bradely £805/380kg.


Vera Donaghy £1200, £1190, £1190, £1140, £1100, £1100/, £1090, £1080, Joseph Hamill £905/490kg, £845/520kg, Daniel Keenan £875/430kg, Finbar McCrory £835/470kg, Seamus Brady £820/430kg, £800/480kg, £800/470kg, Danny McAleer £815/400kg, £800/400kg, Patrick McKernan £800/410kg, Rose Corr £800/530kg and Brian O’Donnell £790/400kg.