Bullocks sell to £1300 for 710kg at Lisahally Mart

A large entry of cattle on Wednesday sold to a rising trade.

Thursday, 10th October 2019, 3:41 pm
Lisahally Mart
Lisahally Mart

Prices as follows


Philip McShane £1300/710kg, £1295/730kg, £1290/730kg, £1260/700kg, £1260/720kg, £1240/670kg, £1240/740kg, £1205/680kg, Gary Miller £1240/740kg, £1200/690kg, £1190/690kg, £1130/640kg, £1100/670kg, M and B Quigley £1230/710kg, S Devine £1125/600kg, D C Young £1115/640kg, J Cunningham £1095/600kg, £1095/620kg, £1050/580kg, Sean Daly £1050/540kg, S Devine £1045/540kg, David Moore £1030/540kg, M and B Quigley £1010/660kg, James McGuinness £1005/610kg, David Devenny £1005/570kg, J Cunningham £1000/590kg, £990/580kg, Mervyn Rodgers £990/480kg, Mervyn Townley £980/520kg,£965/510kg, D Devenney £980/560kg, £970/540kg and W Donnell £960/470kg.


A McMurray £1170/640kg, James Proctor £1000/600kg, £1000/650kg, £1000/640kg, £995/550kg, Mervyn Rodgers £975/540kg, L Farrell £960/490kg, Robert Houston £955/500kg, Sean Daly £955/530kg, S Kelly £950/480kg, £940/470kg, Hamilton Sayers £935/510kg, James Proctor £930/590kg, Mervyn Rodgers £920/530kg, £905/490kg, L Todd £900/450kg and Robert Houston £895/440kg, £875/490kg, £955/480kg.