Bullocks sell to £1,020 at Pomeroy Mart

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An excellent entry of cattle on Thursday.

Prices as follows


Phelim Carberry £1,020/500kg, £1,000/480kg, £860/510kg, Gerard O’Connor £880/450kg, Sean Coyle £840/380kg, S Donnelly £825/430kg, Phelim Carberry £765/430kg, Denis McVeigh £725/350kg, Dominic Hamill £725/310kg, Paul McDonald £700/320kg, William Wilson £670/270kg, £650/280kg, £630/310kg, Denis McVeigh £660/320kg, £625/320kg, Paul McDonald £630/310kg, Austin Conway £595/280kg and William Wilson £575/230kg.


Dominic Nugent £965/480kg, Francis Nugent £920/440kg, Emmet Doyle £905/460kg, Sean Coyle £900/470kg, £835/430kg, Dermot McGahon £840/450kg, Gerard O’Connor £800/440kg, S Donnelly £790/420kg, Conor Tenntson £760/480kg, Gerard O’Connor £760/410kg, £755/430kg, £755/430kg, £735/360kg, £730/350kg, Dominic Hamill £730/310kg, £710/330kg, £650/300kg, Sean Coyle £725/390kg, Dermot McGahon £615/380kg, Thomas Donnelly £600/270kg, Austin Conway £575/260kg, William Wilson £560/280kg, £550/260kg and Austin Conway £545/250kg.