Bullocks sell to £1,035 for 400kg at Pomeroy Mart

A excellent entry of stock.

Prices as follows:


Jerome Gormley £1,035/400kg, Roger Gormley £1,000/390kg, £945/360kg, Danielle Gormley £940/400kg, Jerome Gormley £940/380kg, B Taggart £940/370kg, Peter Conway £920/360kg, John Donnelly £905/340kg, Jerome Gormley £905/330kg, Laurance McKenna £890/390kg, £820/320kg, Peter Conway £820/350kg, Jerome Gormley £820/350kg, Michael McElhone £770/300kg, Peter Monaghan £770/310kg, Kevin McAleer £770/360kg, Kathleen Mackle £760/290kg, Laurance McKenna £750/310kg, Kevin McAleer £740/340kg, Michael McElhone £715/280kg, £700/250kg, Alan Roulston £700/420kg and John Donnelly £700/300kg.


J Hetherington £890/470kg, John Donnelly £880/420kg, David McElmurry £870/450kg, Leonard Foster £850/380kg, J Hetherington £825/430kg, £765/410kg, £760/430kg, £710/380kg, £700/390kg, £690/380kg, £690/380kg, £690/390kg, £675/390kg, Kathleen Mackle £720/350kg, £685/290kg, Alan Roulston £675/380kg, £665/330kg, £645/350kg, £645/330kg, Kathleen Mackle £625/270kg, Sean Mullan £605/360kg, £600/290kg, Peter Conway £600/260kg, John Donnelly £595/270kg and Kathleen Mackle £590/260kg, Michael McElhone £585/250kg.