Bullocks sell to £1,145 for 500kg at Enniskillen Mart

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Reduced entries of cattle this week at Enniskillen Mart due to it being Balmoral Show week.

In the bullock ring lightweights sold from 215 to 285 for a Lim 314kg at 895, mediumweights sold from 210 to 240 for a Ch 420kg £1,005, heavy weights sold from 190 to 229 for a Lim 500kg £1,145 and sold up to £1,320 per head.

BULLOCKS: Newtownbutler producer Lim 314kg £895, Belcoo producer Sim 342kg £905, Kesh producer Ch 420kg £1,005, Lim 336kg £850, Springfield producer AA 308kg £715, Derrygonnelly producer Lim 464kg £1,060, Lim 30k £960, Newtownbutler producer Lim 500kg £1,145, Lisbellaw producer AA 606kg £1,320, Ch 524kg £1,200, Newtownbutler producer Lim 516kg £1,125.

WEANLINGS: Ruling prices - Heifers: Belcoo producer Ch 455kg £915, Belleek producer Ch 398kg £850, Ch 390kg £840, Derrygonnelly producer Ch 319kg £830, Letterbreen producer Ch 315kg £815, Ch 350kg £805.

Bullocks: Kinawley producer Ch 467kg £1,060, Belleek producer Ch 385kg £1,050, Kinawley producer Ch 399kg £1,040, Tempo producer Ch 330kg £975, Roscor producer Ch 341kg £975, Florencecourt producer 355kg £940, Derrylin producer Hereford 425kg £975, Derrylester producer Lim 345kg £925, Belleek producer Ch 399 £935, Macken producer Lim 399kg £905.

CALVES: Tempo producer BB bull £350, BB heifer £270, Irvinestown producer Lim bull £320, Omagh producer BB bull £300, BB heifer £270, Lisbellaw producer AA bull £295, Letterbreen producer Lim heifer £280, Lim heifer £270, Drumcose producer Sth bull £28, Florencecourt producer Lim bull £275, Sim bull £275, Churchhill producer Friesian bull £50.

SUCKLER COWS: Fivemiletown producer Ch cow with heifer £1,480, Omagh producer Lim cow with heifer £1,400, Trillick producer Ch cow with bull £1,390, Irvinestown producer Ch cow with heifer £1,330, Derrygonnelly producer Shb cow with heifer £1,330, Springfield producer Ch cow with heifer £1,230, Lisnaskea producer springing Lim heifer £1450, Springing Lim heifer £1,390, springing Lim heifer £1,300, springing Lim £1,240, springing Lim heifer £1,200.

Heifers: Forward lots sold to 225ppk paid for a 570kg Ch £1,285. While others sold readly from 192ppk-240ppk paid for a 400kg Ch £960.

Newtownbutler producer Ch 570kg £1,285, Ch 520kg £1,100, Enniskillen producer Ch 540kg £1,140, Ch 520kg £1,100, Derrygonnelly producer Ch 420kg £900, Ch 450kg £995, Ch 380kg £885, Ch 360kg £840.

Fat cows: In the cow ring cow heifers sold up to 192p for a Charolais 538kg £1,035.

Heavy well fleshed lots sold up to 156p for a Charolais 900kg £141.

Feeding cows sold up to 145p for a blonde 572kg £830.

Dairy cows sold up to 122p for 558kg £685.

Fat bulls sold up to 173p for an Angus 732kg £1,270.

Belleek producer Ch 538kg £1,035, Letterbreen producer Lim 560kg £1,045, Kesh producer Lim 570kg £990, Derrygonnelly producer Lim 468kg £865, Letterbreen producer Ch 900kg £1,410, Letterbreen producer Ch 870kg £1,350, Lisbellaw producer Ch 612kg £930, Culkey producer Ch 704kg £1,070, Belleek producer Ch 610kg £920.