Bullocks sell to £1,145 for 510kg at Pomeroy Mart

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There was a strong demand for cattle on Thursday at Pomeroy Mart.

Bullocks sold to £1,145 for 510kg, heifers sold to £1,240.

More stock need to met demand.

BULLOCKS: G Hegerty £1,145/510kg, £1,085/470kg, £920/400kg, £920/420kg, £920/420kg, £920/410kg, Raymond Hopper £975/440kg, £955/440kg, £940/450kg, £900/440kg, Alan Ferguson £945/370kg, £920/390kg, Noah Erskine £855/450kg, £850/46kg, Thomas Donnelly £780/330kg.

HEIFERS: A McKenna £1,240, Fearghal McAleer £1,155/510kg, £1,075, George Neville £930, Trevor Watters £925/430kg, £860/390kg, £685/380klg, D McDonald £885/460kg, £700/380kg, Thomas Donnelly £745/310kg, Eugene Donaghy £700/310kg, E Moore £680/300kg, £650/250kg, Declan McGee £65/290kg, Thomas Donnelly £615/350kg, £610, £600/290kg, £570/310kg, £500/230kg.